Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Obama's Own Words

In the following video from YouTube you will hear Obama say that the "Courts" are how he would like to seek his own plan for redistribution of wealth, but instead would rather go straight to the legislature of Congress, where, if he is elected President he will have full support as the House and Senate will retain full control by Democrats, much of which are far left socialist leaners...like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, George Soros, and numerous others...listen in...

Essentially, Obama exposes the lies he's made recently while on the campaign trail of telling the American people that he "won't" raise taxes.

In addition, the Obama campaign is due to release more ads this weekend that will feed voters more lies. Friends, make no mistake about it, Obama is a habitual liar. While on the front lines talking to the average person he uses words that sound pleasing to the ear, "hope", "change", etc, etc while under the influence of these large rallies where large rallies have many supporting him, but behind the scenes and as his record has shown, Mr. Obama is nothing more than a liar and a thief ... that's exactly what he is, and he will use any tactic he can to steal peoples hard earned money...and that's really all that needs to be said in regards to the inexperienced "Senator" on economics...he would be the ruination of this country. Lefties will try to spin it...but you can't spin the truth, it's firmly ingrained in Obama's Marxist background.

Let's hope that Americans are smart enough on Nov. 4 to make the right choice and use their conscience instead of the rhetoric out of the liberal playbook of the Obama campaign.

Rush Limbaugh had a good question to ask on Greta Van Susteren's show last night, this is what he asked ... "I wonder how many people out there actually understand what socialism really is? It's being taught in school, and this is what Obama is using to change our system with." And you know, he's right, our children have been taught lies and distortions about America's history to make it seem as if America has had a "bad" history, and they're all lies being force-fed these young impressionable minded children. It's really sad!

We do have problems in America, and those problems didn't start showing up until a few decades after children who grew up in the public school system who were taught to embrace socialist Marxism and defy our Christian beginnings. This is why the public school system needs fixed so desperately, because if we don't stop this Marxist brainwashing of our future generations, it will become so engrained in society that any chance of a government run by the people for the people will be totally lost. Freedom will cease to exist all together.

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