Friday, October 3, 2008

The VP Debate

A fantastic debate, I must say. Both candidates did a good job, but I have to tell you, Gov. Palin was fantastic as she was very charismatic from the get-go! She connected with the your everyday, hard-working men and women. There was nothing "fake" about her presentation, no gaffes, she was truly genuine, someone who cares and understands the comman every day American, that was her message, and that is what the average, middle-America wage-earner is looking for.

Just to sort of summarize paraphrazingly in some of Sarah's quotes:

Put obsessive non-persuasive partisan politics aside, and get the job done! That's the bottom line.

John McCain in referring to the economy being strong was referring to the work force in this country, the people who make the economy actually work. Not the big corporate CEOs on Wall Street.

Barack Obama has voted partisan. 96% of the time along party lines.

American's are craving something new and different, that doesn't do business the way Washington wants but what you, the American people want.

The Predator lenders were the problem of the economy it was deception and greed on Wall Street, and we need to stop that. Get rid of corruption in America. America needs to band together and not be taken advantage of. Demand strict oversight. We need to not get ourselves in debt, live with responsibility. It's not the American peoples fault that the economy is in the shape it's in. Never again will we be taken advantage of.

Darn right we need tax relief. Barack Obama voted for the largest tax increases in history, 94 times he had the opportunity to vote for tax decreases. Barack Obama voted for increases taxes even as recent as last year.

As Mayor every year I was in office I did cut taxes, suspended fuel taxes, Deregulation is something that Barack Obama is know for, look at big tobacco, campaign finance reform.

Patriotic is not saying you're for "higher taxes", it's saying you want to 'lower' taxes.

It's not going to be easy to hand over our healthcare system to the government.
Affordability and accessibility to healthcare is the key, and keeping it in the peoples hands.Not the governments.

She took Sen. Biden straight to the chase head on and never backed up, because like us, she understands how important this is to the American people, and all with a positive outlook to back it up. Showing us the clear differences between party lines - That Barack Obama is for bigger government intervention and raising our taxes further burdening our economy to sustain everybody from the wealthiest elites pockets and those who run small businesses, in other words, taking from most of America and spending it on programs that would sink us into a deep depression, with the Wall Street executives gobbling up every penny. Sarah Palin knows and understands that this is not what America wants or needs, because it takes opportunity and throws it all away.

What really made me proud, was her standing up for marriage and its proper definition solely being between One man for One woman for life. Which is standing up for truth!

Let's just say, Sarah Palin rocks!

God bless!

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