Friday, October 3, 2008

Way To Tell Him, Bill, Way To Tell Him...

I hate to tell you this, Mr. Frank, but you just got exposed for the corrupt-to-the-core politician you are ... you don't represent anybody, except you!! Just like the rest of you 'Do-Nothing' Democrats in charge of the House.

What I really don't understand, Folks, is how can this man become a Senator after running a homosexual prostitute ring?

Why is he not in prison? Even more so, Barack Obama should be in prison, should he not? He voted for the terrorists, did he not? Opposing the war, opposing the surge, and then support it after it proves to be a success.

This is hypocritical. This is treasonous. This is anti-American.

It truly boggles the mind what people are thinking to elect such people to our highest of offices.

Your thoughts...

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