Thursday, October 30, 2008

What is Communism?

Someone expressed their sentiments regarding my view of Communism in an earlier thread, which consisted of the following:

Your understanding of communism is terribly confused and functions as an insult to the millions who suffered under Hitler and Stalin.

--Some East European

Needless to say, they never gave an explanation of exactly what they disagreed with in my view of Obama's Socialist/Communist thought process as a form of government ... I decided that a more complex overview of the facts was in order, and would be of help as to where I stand on the issue. So, I went to researching, and here is what I've come to understand ...

Communism is a socioeconomic structure that promotes the establishment of an egalitarian, classless society based on common ownership of the means of production and property in general.

Basically, what Communism as a philosophy state is that everybody should be equal, equality, however, in the sense that law is non-existent, and thus, no guide is present for what is right and wrong. We could state it as a system under terms such as Robert Bork phrases them - 'Radical Personal Autonomy,' meaning, if I see murder as wrong, and another person sees it as "ok" we're still both equal, no harm, no foul, right? Well, yes, I'm afraid that's what Communism stands for.

Let's look at equality from a Christian's perspective - All in all, we are all equal in God's eyes, equal in the sense that, God loves us all the same, as He made us all of the same stuff, and are all equally created in His image. What is not, therefore equal in God's eyes, are the choices and actions one make. Because our God is a God of holiness, love and purity, He expects the same from us, on an individual basis.

This is what Communism dismisses, as Communism is based primarily from a worldview comprised of atheism ... it dismisses any actions which might be considered and absolute right and wrong ... but in order to get their message to stick, they don't use tactics which would clue one in on the ultimate goal of their pursuit ... they will use words such as "liberal", "progressive", etc, etc, etc. The Communist/Socialist or "liberal" must find a way to change the culture, and although they can't change it overnight, they have to find people that will listen, and thus, accept their message ... and what finer individuals to use that our youth ... this is how the Communist mindset became established, through our schools, so over a gradual period of generations, more and more people would be accustomed to what they've been taught from a Communist point of view. Through this avenue of indoctrination, children continued to graduate with this Communist mindset, many of which, have college level law degrees in Communism, to further go on to become Supreme Court Justices who change the laws governing our entire nation on the basics of Communism - Notice some of the more recent rulings by the Supreme Court Justices in California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts who changed the laws making sodomy equal to that of hetero-sexuality. Can you imagine what depravity?

In my humble opinion, communism as a philosophy should remain just that, it should never be converted into law of the land. It is, for all intents and purposes to be considered treason against a just and lawful society. Matter of fact, I've always said that, should anyone create a law that would permit actions that are considered to be wrong, should receive Capital Punishment for such a ruling, whether by hanging, lethal injection, or firing squad. Why, you ask? Well, quite simply, the impugnative nature of any such Judge's judgment which would likely lead to an undesirable result should be severely discouraged - Just as murder is an undesirable action, it should be discouraged with the law stating specifically that is is unacceptable. The atheist will try to equate Capital punishment/sentence as the same thing as murder, and again, in order to make the case that all people are "equal". This is not what the law was made for, my friends, if you take away Capital punishment/Death penalty, you take away the conscience in the law that bears witness to what is truly acceptable and what is truly UNacceptable - Someone like Charles Manson should have been put on death row years ago, yet, the American taxpayer has had to pay for his illogical behavior the entirety of his life, and has never changed - In fact, Manson has stated that he enjoys prison, it is "freedom" to him. You see the, folks, then he becomes an influence to others to commit the same acts, and yet, we continue to build more and better prisons, more comfortable home like prisons, tv, hot food, etc, etc. All the luxuries that one would ask for at his own home...This will continue as long as the American taxpayer wishes to support it, and they will continue to grow in size as time goes along. Why? Because society supports laws that are created making criminal equal to ordinary citizens.

Okay, I've let off some steam, now let's move along ...

It's real tricky when you get into the desirable and undesirable outcome stuff, or at least, when you look at it from an atheists point of view, it is. For when you say this is right and that is wrong to an atheist, you illustrate a point of view that is pointing to some truth, and they don't believe in truth ... all they know, is what they see, hear, feel, smell, and taste ... In other words, they don't think outside the box. They don't look at the driving force behind the mind, and why one would be persuaded to make this choice or that choice, why it's wrong or right ... "It's just what it is," or at least that's what they say, anyway.

They don't look at the perfection behind the earth's ecosystem and planets as they revolve in synch ... they don't have any clue as to how it happened, and don't want to know. However, if anyone says that they know how it happened, those sharing such information are ridiculed, and subjected to bigotry and any assortment of derogatory language directed their way by the atheist. the atheist is appreciative, for the most part, I believe, of their life on this earth ... Of course, that is just mere speculation on my part, I would guess, but that is all they are appreciative of. When confronted, however, with who to give credit to for their life, they give no credit to anybody but themselves - Self trumps everything in the atheists world, and this is the radical personal autonomy in the egalitarian world that they seek to force upon the greater body of citizens which live within the United States, regardless of the fact that our history was based upon the more solid foundation of principles set out for us within the Holy Written Word of God. The atheist would do good to read what His Word says...such as this verse in Romans...

Romans 1:20 ... "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse." Proving that what we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell are what lay the groundwork for the truth...for example, when one ultimately comes to realize that they can utilize their sense to perceive what is surrounding them, then it entails something larger, with Supreme intelligence. For example, when one walks into a forest of conifers for the first time, confronted with the sheer heigth and beauty of the trees along with the scent of pine resin eminating from the trees and drawn through the nostrils which comes into contact with the receptors of smell in the brain, one feels reduced, and inspired by such magnitude of brilliance...or when taken into the jungle, and the diversity of animal and plant species that reside there Romans 1:20 becomes a reality.

Sadly, even then, when you mention opening God's Word to the atheist, it is dismissed as a "fairy-tale", even stooping so low as having referenced to those children who've been taught from the Bible as "sick" children. This would suggest an indication that the atheist is of reprobate mind - meaning that God has withdrawn His Holy Spirit from their conscience, abandoning them, allowing them to forfeit the riches that God has prepared for those who truly love Him. This can only mean a fearful expectation of firey judgment that will come upon them.

I don't mean to "preach", if you will, I am just very concerned about the issue of Communism, and trying to help you understand the significant danger of it as well, as it relates a great deal with Barack Obama's agenda, and you don't have to worry about Barack Obama telling you the truth about what he's going to do, because he's simply not going to tell you the truth...he will look you straight in the eye every time and lie right through his teeth, to you...that's just a fact.

Others who believe in doing what is right will have to explain the truth, and expose Obama's agenda for what it is.

Socialism, which is the stage prior to Communism, is the beginning stage to Communism...Socialism starts the process, by using propaganda, as I mentioned, in school to indoctrinate children which will take effect later down the road as the children grow and are taught to hate God and anything to do with Christianity, this then creates a hostile environment of bitterness and hatred, much the same as we see in today's society of Leftist indoctrinated college "educated" children...hatred and intolerance for any viewpoint which is different to their atheistic worldview. So they believe in physical equality, but when it comes to the philosophical they won't permit philosophical equality, because they know, if they lose the school children, then they will lose their wish to destroy Christianity in America, because that is their ultimate goal to destroy the Christian people, so they rule the schools with an iron grip, which, one day will destroy America.

Karl Marx who was an atheist, and who was considered to be the Father of Communism, believed in the proletariat (the lowest class), or minorities, which today in our culture would be people like homosexual atheists and likeminded inidividuals rising to power and ruling however they would see fit. What effect would this have? Well, if you look at where we stand right now in America, there are organizations who are minorities but all collectively, stand opposed to the Christian message, such as the ACLU, American Atheists, Planned Parenthood, and the queer (homosexual) organizations. While Christianity is the thread that keeps our country attached, should these other opposing organizations as minorities come to power in our government with a Supreme Court deciding on their behalf in a similar fashion, it is highly likely that Christians will be severely persecuted for their beliefs--Now, I say this, not because I believe it is imminent, or as a conspiracy theory to scare anyone, but with an understanding of how these opposing minorties such as the ACLU and homosexual organizations work, which are very intolerant attitudes toward Christian people...So, in that sense, history is used as a lesson for an outlook on the future...take the french revolution for example, the atheists sought to take over, and killed thousands of good Christian people in the process...that gives you some idea of what it would be like if the minorities took control of our government. Other examples would include a look at Hitler which held the same philosophy as Marx, in which he believed in everybody being equal and the same, and anyone who believed differently was deemed "inferior" and were murdered for no other reason than being of different ethnicity - which comprised for the most part, the Jewish race, which believed in adherence to the moral and ceremonial law traditions of the Old Testament. Hitler murdered at least 11 million of the Jews.

This is the real danger, for when you get somebody who is of the Communist mindset and equality of the atheist minorities and proletariat rising to that of the the Christian upper class or beyond then the one leading the charge, such as Barack Obama who would be, then those who are under the atheists rule suffer terrible losses, as in the case of Hitler which many lost their lives to.

So, it's not really "equality" that the atheists want, but for society to be lowered to their wicked grips.

Well, that's about all I can think of right now, maybe one day I can explain it a little better, but for right now, Socialism and Communism are in principle and practice one and the same, with atheism being its base-line which is wicked to its very core.

One more thing before I go, and I want you to listen carefully ... Don't ever let anyone tell you that there is "no handle on truth." They are giving you a complete falsehood, and it is a scheme of the devil to keep you from your hope in Christ Jesus. There is truth, and truth is What Thus Sayeth The Word of God.

God bless you all! Go vote Tuesday, and vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin for Presidency of the United States 08!

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  1. Anyone who says that their opponent 'doesn't understand' Communism is probably a Commie himself. I can see that even Commies can be turned off by Stalin, but hating Stalin doesn't make one a Capitalist.

    If the Eastern European idiot is reading this, I have a message for you: why do you hate Capitalism, which brought freedom to your country?