Tuesday, November 4, 2008

America, ... It's Time!

It's time, America's time, once again, to vote for the future course of their country!

Remember what the candidates stand for:

Barack Obama"

A vote for Barack Obama, is a vote for a government controlled by atheists - who stand for higher taxes. Murdering the unborn. Homosexuality. Silencing Christian Conservatives. Indoctrinating school children with homosexuality, which is socialism, communism, and and in the end fascism. Supreme Court Judges who will change the Constitution to be make our country into a Communist and/or fascist nation. Hitleresque principles.

John McCain:

A vote for John McCain is a vote for life, and protecting the innocent of all stages from the hands of abortionists and euthanization. For preserving the definition of marriage as the Biblical defintion of marriage, solely between One man and One woman. Teaching children from the Bible with the education that will ensure their hope as a law-abiding citizen and beyond. A tax plan that will help your business to grow and prosper so you can hand a future on to your children, and from your children on to their grandchildren, by keeping taxes low. For Supreme Court Judges who will uphold the rule of law, and interpret the Constitution; not re-write it, and history.

Most importantly, a vote for John McCain is a vote to uplift our Lord and Savior!

So, without further addue, may you go VOTE!

Vote John McCain for Presidency of the United States!

God bless America!

Thanks for visiting Conservatives United!

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