Friday, November 14, 2008

Homosexual Activists Attack Church and Its Members

The homosexual activists who recently attacked the church in Michigan need prosecuted. Why? They simply breeched/violated the church's First Amendment rights.

I pity these hellbound individuals simply for the fact that they made a foolish choice regarding their life, so while their intentions have a negative impact upon those they seek to discriminate (the church members), their own choice lifestyle will have far greater implications for their own personal souls, upon the death of their physical bodies, unto permanent, and everlasting damnation. As the Scripture says, 'It is a fearful thing, to fall into the hands of a living God'.

The reason for this, consequently, is because they have rejected God's spirit in calling them to repentance, and thus, God has forsaken them to do those things which are an abomination in His sight, therefore, they are reprobate minded individuals, knowing only those things which seek to satisfy the flesh and its evil desires.

This is happening not only to the atheists, homosexuals, humanists, Islamists, etc, etc, it is happening even to those who profess with their mouths to be Christians, being led astray by the many sways of temptation that Satan seduces through the dark spiritual forces that control this world. If you need an example, I would encourage you to go to Youtube sometime and search for the description of hell and Satan's deceptions in the revelation of hell by Mary K. Baxter. Powerful stuff.

Much of this confusion in our world today is due to how we have chosen our government leaders, and how Christians have sit back and permitted the government to grant our Supreme Court un-delegated powers to satisfy the wishes of atheist minority groups and others such as the ACLU to destroy our first amendment
right to freedom of speech in schools all across the nation. Our government leaders in all sections, branches, now, controlled by liberals (Communists); the words "liberals, liberalism" being used as a cover-up, or substitute that the Communists in our government (Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, John Murtha, John Rockefeller, John Kerry, et al,) use to catch attention of potential voters.

The Communists present, or offer up representation and advocacy of those seeking preferential treatment. In turn, this appeals to those seeking sodomy, bestiality, assisted euthanasia (over-the-counter assistance in many cases. See: Oregon and Washington State laws), and Abortion (Murder) "rights".

These groups and/or individuals are then emboldened to overturn existing laws outlawing perversion, murder, etc, etc. Similarly, they feel compelled to overturn the will of the people and the Constitution, and in their defense they now have advocates in all three branches of government - The White House (executive), Congress (legislative), and the Supreme Court (Judicial branch).

So, you can see the brains behind the 'marching-for-perversion' movement in our nation. When you give perversion a foothold in society, such as we have in permitting our Supreme Court to overreach their powers, then those seeking preferential treatment desire not just a "right" to pervert our nation, but to control it with authoritarian like power, to create a tyrannical state.

Many of the Judges we have today, would not have escaped without being hanged for the reason of treason, during our Founding Fathers time!

If we are smart, we'll take a step back, and think ... "Hmmm, maybe the ideas of our Founders weren't so bad afterall!". Huh?

Well, maybe, but it may take quite a long time before we reach that point, with the fascist Left-wing in full control, the homosexuals will more-than-likely succeed at doing severe damage to our already damaged Republic ... I say, however, now is as good a time as any!

What say you?

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