Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time To Stand For Life!

There was once upon a time in America's history when we regarded life and all it's worth. Now, however, it seems we face a totally different era, one in which we are being relegated down to less than human, less than worthy of the life we have been given by our most gracious Creator!

MOst common sense folks, with some grasp of morality about them appeal to a more common sense approach that adds worth and dignity to life and thus, feel a need to give all the support and love that life is due.

On the other hand, we find on the leftward spectrum of the issue ... that Democrats want to inject a pradoxical scenario into the issue.

Take these two example which are used to place doubt on life as a means to exploit and destroy it; the first comes from the Parkinson's Information Exchange Network; in an attempt to use science as their source justification for exploitation and thus, destroying life:

This is not just good news for a cure, it's good news for those of us who wish to remove the political stumbling blocks from researchers struggling to bring about a cure. The political message here dominates, and that is exactly what we need in the press; and all the media for that matter. Let's milk this one for everything it's worth - our lives!

The second example; and probably the leading argument used to justify the murder of unborn children:

That being? The health of the mother. With a huge ? mark afterwards ... mostly for the fact...what makes it such an issue? First, however, we'll go over the scientific argument as to why scientists feel human life should be used in such a fashion that devalues it for the sake of other lives.

Embryonic Stem-Cell Research - The Not-So-Positive Side

Well, as it turns out, the "science" that the stem-cell researchers, was not so "great", turning out to be one of the biggest blunders ever, in scientific history, and maybe if they would have thought back, the atom bomb wasn't such a great idea either ... Nah, just kidding, the atom bomb could safe a much larger catastrophe some not-so-sweet day! To get back on the subject at hand - The problem, with the stem-cell research, however, being that the "stem-cells", which actually weren't stem-cells at all, but were tissue directly from aborted embryos (first stages of human life) had grown all too well, and emitted so much dopamine that labratory test rats that were being used to test the embryonic cells with "jerked uncontrollably"; to the point that normal function was impaired! Even worse, there was no way to remove or deactivate the newly transplanted cells.

So, revealing the motive behind the left-wing agenda in pursuit of a cure for parkinson's disease, shows us that they were positively motivated in one respect, but negative on the other. Their optimism was driven to find a cure for this dabilitating disease, but to the contrary, the base motive stemmed from a lack of regard for the inncence of the unborn that they conveniently, and in a most unfortunate way for the unborn, exploited for the lives that had already been spared the torment and death of the abortionists hands.

The brutality of the left-wing death-march extends not only to the under-developed child, but also to those soon outside of the womb (Read: "Freedom of Choice Act" - soon to be signed into law by President Elect Obama). Can't you just picture in your mind, girls; man of them still in their teenage years, marching to the beat of Planned Parenthoods death chants, to allow their tender little unborn children to be butchered, and in many ways tortured to their untimely deaths, with sharp needles being thrust into their little bodies, and poison injected into their little brains...

Folks, it takes some pretty cruel, heartless, sick people, to uphold this abhorrent barbarism of the most evil sort. We truly live in a society controlled by Satan's demonic forces.

The Life Of The Mother - Both Sides Speak For Themselves

I think this is where the interjection of the supposed paradox lies. As far as the health of the mother is concerned - Any normal thinking person, I think, would agree; that, as history has shown, that to conceive of, bear, and rear children ... is, always been, and always will be the ultimate purpose of the female human being -'male and female He created them' - Thousands of years are supportive of this fact, and to somehow try to reuce the meaning and worth of life after all this time, I mean, we didn't get as far as we have in America because too many in our society, most notably leftists-Democrats view life as some "blob-of-cells", no, we didn't get as far as we have because of some dumb Left-Wing!!! Leftists, for the most part, haven't done anything noteworthy merit to help our country succeed, the two exceptions being those before our era of the ACLU infiltration, and secondly, those today who actually work for their families living and contribute to society enough to consider them industrious thrivers. Today, the Democratic party is all about the government taking from those who've earned their livings and giving their hard earned money to the supposed "poor". Imagine that? Almost like Robin-hood, eh? I'd say!

We, as America, gained a foothold in the world because we gave life the dignity that it duely deserves!

In addition, one little know fact that most liberals (Communists) probably don't want you to know, that I'll let you in on, is that, we (America - The Freedom REPUBLIC), and our ancestors (consequently Coservatives) LAWS cherished life, in its most beautiful form - As a child in the womb, in this country before 1973, not because of some political "ploy". No, not at all!!

We held life in high esteem in this country as Christians ought too!! In fact, our laws reflected the Godly-sentiments that bound our Nation together!

It was not until some "liberal" (socialist whack-job) judge came along, that the foundations of our once strong Christian Republic would be undermined and America, thus, weakened.

Today, we face enormous challenges in the fight to preserve the sanctity of precious unborn life, babies sleeping content in their mothers wombs.

Barack Hussein Obama, our recently Elected President, has pledged to cater to the demands of the extreme-left loons in his constituency or cabinet, many of which have championed legislation that would seek to filter out any indication that life be considered worth more than the fate that innocent unborn children would receive at the hands of cold-blooded, bloody & brutal abortion "doctors". Some doctors, eh? Yeah, more like the Ted Bundy's and Charles Mansons of the world being given government jobs! Geez!

The nightmare turned real - Barack Hussein Obama - Hitler Re-born, and about to be Re-lived!

Resources: American Death Camps!

God Help America!

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