Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Nazi Indoctrination Exposed

When it's politically expedient to get your agenda, who better to use than the youngest in our society. It seems California is determined to destroy the foundations that America rests upon, and they are well on their way, just by electing Barack Obama as our next President. It becomes more evident with each passing day, that the American educational system, which is controlled by "liberals" aka Socialists in our society, is in need of a evidence could be better proof of this than in this story regarding this teacher in California who is requiring her kindergarten class to sign a petition stating that they will support the homosexual lifestyle.

In my humble opinion, the teacher needs thrown out of the educational system before she can brainwash another child ... I mean, this is truly insanity, that has no place in our society. Precautions need to be taken in the future so that teachers of this level of stupidity are not allowed to become teachers.

It is imperative that we do this, as it appears time is not on the Christians side...The time to act is now!

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  1. Jeremiah, this is nothing unusual in a Leftist-controlled world.

    IN UK, long in the grip of the Lefties (and the "right" there is only slightly less Left than their counterparty), public funds raised from TV licences are used by the venerable BBC to make a serial called Torchwood that pushes this lifestyle hard. A lot of British children watch it as it was spun off from a very popular SF serial called "Dr.Who".

    The "teacher" should of course be removed and banned forever, but the Lefties won't allow it - anyone trying to do so will simply be arrested.

    What really needs to happen is that the Conservatives and Lefties (please don't call them Liberal as that word comes from the word Liberty) need to have a referendum and split the USA accordingly, with Lefties moving to the Lefty part, and Conservatives to the hateful, right-wing part. Then let each side live in isolation from the other for the next 100 years (actually, even 20 years may be enough, but we need to have this stupidity removed from peoples' minds once and for all).

    We will see who is trying to climb
    the wall over to which side.

    As long as the Lefties live among the Conservatives (aka the rest of us), they will continue this mental molestation of our children with impunity and great glee.

    All the best to you and your site,

    - Another Infidel

    P.S. has some nice articles too.

  2. Jeremiah, this is nothing unusual in a Leftist-controlled world.

    I would agree that it is probably more common in Europe where the communists have taken over and Christian Conservatives just gave up trying.

    That is the danger...when a society becomes complacent, and are not motivated to put a stop to the evil of the left-wing, and doing it in a peaceful manner in which they energize people by informing and arming them with the truth ... when you don't do this, then democracy, in effect, becomes a force for evil and against you.

    The educational system is the first place that must be payed the most attention to ... and this is where America has failed miserably ... instead of using the Constitution to their benefit, they let the left-wing commies take full advantage and using it to coerce children into their way of thinking. With this, came the sight of a not-so-good future for America.

    And I will say this, as long as God so provides me breath of life, I will continue to stress the importance of the need for education that is void of any left-wing ideology until the day I shall die.

    Until education is addressed, and we break the grip of communists who have control of education our country will have a very bleak future to look forward too. One thing I would say regarding's not going to take one person, or two, or three, or 500 individuals it's going to take the effort of all true Christians in order to fix our current dilemma ... if we don't, then this could be the final stretch for the American won't take Obama four years to really inflict great harm on America. They are already talking about electing a man to the Supreme Court who an Asian-American that will do irrepairable damage to our Constitution, "Koh" I think is his name.
    Trouble is ahead.
    There is the possibility that he will enact a bill that would have the mentally retarded executed for no other reason than that they are "mentally retarded", and who is to say what the limits will be for whom they will deem "retarded"? Even those with the mildest forms of autism could be targeted ... some, who they don't like.
    Think about the UN, the radical left will very likely expand or increase funding to groups overseas that promote or perform abortions, which would include funding to UNFPA (UN Population Fund), a United Nations (UN) agency that promotes population control, fertility reduction, and abortion all over the world - This group helped to fund the Chinese government and run a one child policy in China which resulted in 100 million abortions, many of them forced or coerced. While President Bush's policies helped to stop this for the last eight years...Obama is expected to resume funding of this very evil policy.

    Now, while this may all seem "immaterial" for "liberals" (communist left-wingers) and for many people just enjoying life and are not worried about it's implications...the one fact that must be understood, is that there are good folks out there that understand and will never forget the true history of our country, which is shown to be 'good' - in that, our history is one where our Founders executed those like our current day Marxst/Commie left-wingers who tried to change the law in the Constitution, but after innovation took a toe-hold, which was a blessing and result of the people being obedient to our Creator, they became complacent, and didn't seek God as they should have, and thus, the Marxist/Communist left-wing found an avenue to take over law, as there was no one there to execute by hanging the Marxist/Communist left-wingers who successfully took over our education, thousands of these Communists came in from Europe after the Civil War. Upon arrival, they formed groups called the ACLU (anti-Christian lawyers union), seeking to overthrow our Christian Republic they saw their opportunity in taking the educational system over...referring to the children of that day as "sick" children...because they understood the Bible and the kindness and blessing that it afforded the families who raised their children. The atheist Communists didn't like it, and for good reason - because it was and is in opposition to their evil agenda of hate, which is none other than Satan, the father of all lies. As time slowly passed, generation after generation, children were exploited by the Communist agenda based educational system that we endure to this day...and for the most part, Christians have sit back and allowed the Communists to do their evil deeds in public schools, painting a dark picture of history and Creation science (True science) being stopped and replaced with the garbage of "evolution", homosexuality, and sex education. This was and is the change that Obama is referring to, only he and his cohorts want to take it to the next level of evil. You see? We went from good to bad, and now we're going to person iterated, "With the terms "liberalism" they will take accept our socialism without any resistance." And he was the kind of person the Founders would have broken the neck of in a heartbeat, as they should be done today. Why? Because their ideologies are just simply too dangerous.

    Oh well, it seems as if it's too late at this point to do anything about it, because too many generations have been brainwashed into the evil mindset of the left-wingers...Obama's idea of "change" came long before he was even born, and this change is ruining our society, and will continue to as long as Christians continue to allow it to.

    So, if true Christians are truly sincere about changing our society back to where it was, they must rise up and put all their will and might into it...we must have the determination to bear down on Obama hard and not allow him to do the evil things he plans on doing.

    We need to take education back putting democrats in the head-lock.
    It may sound un-Democratic and "gutting" democracy, but friends, if we don't do all we can, then America is simply lost, never to be brought back!

    So, Stand Up!!!

    God bless!

  3. BTW, do you live in the UK? If so, how does life treat you there?