Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama Presidency Will Grant UN Authority To Control Life

The UN (United Nations) which was formerly the League of Nations, is an organization of countries around the world, with over one-hundred members as it stands. Its supposed to be used for the purpose of maintaining cooperation on international law, security, and economic stability, between countries through directive agreements, or treaties.

Of course, the success or failure of the organization depends a great deal on how countries treat it based upon the desired goals in mind, and cooperation of UN officials. It should be noted that, while the organization is based on the opinion of a combination of worldviews as a whole and trying to work by consensus, that does not, however, necessarily give it a right to relegate morality throughout the world down to its own worldly, materialistic endeavors.

Through the UNs actions, and sway from certain political ideologies and agendas of some countries; most notably that of European countries (former USSR), which has been, and is, for the most part, Communism (symbol: Hammer and sickle).

Through the UNs adoption of such ideologies, it has become well known for its promotion of death and/or murder of the Unborn Child. Similarly, it has taken negative stance on relations between Israel and the Palestinians. The UN has used its powers to push other countries to conform by coercion (see link above) to its ideology of eugenics. While eugenics as a philosophy is the systematic killing of certain individuals in a race to improve the race (called ethnic cleansing) it has for all other intents and purposes the same goals in mind as population control efforts, which seek to murder ... both philosophies are based upon a Darwinist/Hitleresque/Marxist/Leninist/Sangerist/Stalinist agenda of atheism. Militant in form and practice, which elevates man to "supreme" authority over governing life and world affairs, leading to the fate of millions due to its oppressive "man-is-supreme" ideology of hatred for their Creator and other people, likewise'God's Creation' who aren't like them. It is then built upon lies to oppress others, making others fear the government by oppressing them through the means of government authority, essentially, servitude to man is made absolute or otherwise, be taken away. Entire populations shackled their entire lives for no other reason than that they are kind and loving Christians.

It is coming folks, the same things that happened to the Europeans so long ago, who suffered immense cruelty at the hands of tyrants such as Stalin and Hitler.

We are only beginning to get a glimpse of what horrors await in an Obama administration.

Let us pray and ask for God's ultimate guidance in these terrible times we face!

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