Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hitler Jugend and Obama Jugend

History, which I am pretty much illiterate on, as I am on most subects. My education went in one ear and out the other...I just didn't have the patience to sit and study, combined with my very timid nature in social settings; making it very difficult for me to learn, but I made it to gain a high school diploma. It is a miracle that I am sitting her typing this today.

Anyhow, I wonder how many world history books in today's era of education inform students about Hitler's despotic history of indoctrinating youth? I've been doing some research and I came across this interesting piece of information - Hitler Youth, or HitlerJugend for German speak. Hitler Youth was a form of education implemented by Hitler himself, training young children to become many instances, it was "education" more in the line of indoctrination, training children to hate those that Hitler hated, which, for the most part, were the Jews.

I also wonder how many people in America today understand that President-elect Obama's policy of education is similar in nature? While it may not be exactly the same as Hitler's education policy, I firmly believe that we, as America, are headed a step closer to the same thing of that day, in Obama's policy of education. It's not that difficult to fully understand the reality of this when you take a look at Obama's intentions. For instance, he is opposed to school vouchers, which means he is opposed to school choice, and if he is opposed to school vouchers, then I suspect he is against private schools and homeschooling - He wants the public school system to reign supreme, which is used as a strong-arm for the Atheist/Communists to indoctrinate and coerce children to accept the atheist agenda, which the students will later use to harbor hatred in their hearts for Christians.

While this may not seem to be a big problem - be warned, it is a very large problem, as more children attend public education than do private and home-schoolers. How does it become such a big problem? Well, if you decipher it, with there being a larger percentage of children attending public education, this translates into a larger number of people favoring the destructive forces of atheism when they go vote, and this election was a prime example as those who are freedom-loving individuals lost this election, not to mention all true Christians lost this election. Whereas, this election would have turned out differently if Christians would have defended education against the ACLU.

So, the future of America depends on how much effort the Christian people put into stopping the Communist indoctrination in our public system of "education".

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