Sunday, November 9, 2008

Infanticide Revealed

A recent video provided by Students for Life, reveals the shocking details behind planned parenthood's blood-thirsty agenda

A very shocking insight into what the people who work for planned parenthood advocate that these children, many of them in their early teens, do to their unborn children.

This is the same policy that Barack Obama says that he "does not" support, but his past voting record proving that he lied, and that he does indeed, support allowing children who survive abortions to suffer and die without any care from a physician.

Mr. Obama will have to stand before Almighty God one day and answer for these very cruel, heartless decisions he's made.

I would hope that all who call themselves Christians would call Mr. Obama out on his position, and let him know that you disagree strongly with him, and that you do not approve of his decisions while he is President. Letting him know, that, to be a Christian, one is not supposed to support the evil policies of Planned Parenthood; and that, if he does, which he does, then he can't call himself a "Christian".

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