Monday, November 10, 2008

Pledge Dies at U. of Delaware frat party

Very disturbing, this:

NEWARK, Del., Nov. 8 (UPI) -- A University of Delaware freshman died early Saturday of apparent alcohol poisoning during a party at the fraternity where he was a pledge.

Disturbing for me, at least, because it angers me that people cannot see the stupidity of the public educational system in this country!!!

How sad! But, that's all the Board of Education and N.E.A (National Education Association) are good for, destroying lives ... encouraging consumption of alcohol being just one of many ways, they destroy lives, which doesn't cover the other ideologies from hell that they teach kids, like the atheistic Communist trash they teach kids ... however, that's a story for another day. Let's move on...

One would think that the schools would prohibit alcohol on campus, much less allow drinking parties!

If I were the parents of the boy, I would sue the school for every last penny they have, and then some! I wouldn't stop until justice was duely served!

Alcohol is a lie, and it serves no purpose in a society! We hear the same old tired line of - "drink responsibly" ... *News flash*, folks ... it's a bunch of garbage!

We always get the warm, fuzzy feeling look on adverstisements and what not, but they never show the scenes such as this young man with his entire future ahead of him totally wiped out, or the broken family, or the person who runs over a pedestrian with their vehicle, or into a train, or into a tree putting their head through the windshield, and the fighting, and the liver disease and the many other health problems associated with drinking alcohol, the poison from hell!

When are people ever going to learn in this country, with the statistics over the years proving the deadly effects of alchohol on individuals, and the many thousands who've lost their lives to this deadly substance?

Materialism, something that liberals (Communists) have championed in this country, it has ruined our nation, and it will soon catch up!!!

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  1. I think that the death penalty for anyone that drinks a drop of alcohol is appropriate. As far as I'm concerned, the drink doesn't have a single good point to it, and the Holy Bible forbids it.

    Still, I think that we need to work for the death penalty on more dangerous drugs, such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and LSD. The moral collapses we will have over the years if we DON'T work for capital punishment in this regard will be too vast to predict.

  2. Well, all we need to do is prohibit the production of the stuff, and that would cure 99.999 - 100.0% of the problem.

    So I think that giving them the death penalty wouldn't serve any purpose as long as the stuff is still accessible.

    At any rate, that's what we're faced with right now ... but you know liberals, they won't prohibit something that keeps them happy go lucky, while people die.

    Sad situation our world is in.

    Never-the-less, just keep pressin' on...