Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gardening With Bluebirds

Much to my surprise, the weather has turned out pretty good for gardening this summer, we've only had a couple weeks of dry weather, but other than that, it has rained in fairly good amounts so that stuff gets a plentiful supply of water. To the left is my sweet corn, "early sunglow" is the type of corn it is supposed to be, not very tall, and not very big, you can shuck one and plunk it in a small kettle of boiling water as part of your lunch. You can boil an ear-of-corn in as little as five minutes, rub on a little butter, and it is some of the tastiest gardening there is.

These are the tomato plants I staked and tied in order to support the new tomatoes, and likewise keep them off the ground away from the dampness and diseases. They are doing pretty good, as you can see, with several clusters of tiny green tomatoes attached to each vine. Another three weeks and some of these should be getting ripe to eat. I like them either in a salad with lettuce, cucumber, and shredded cheese with Italian dressing added, or just plain sliced with a little salt sprinkled on them. They are good.

This thing here really surprised me; my neighbor gave me some pumpkin seeds, I planted them, and once they came up, they really took off. I don't know if I will get many pumpkins from them, but they are really growing at a good clip, which is primarily what I like about the garden the most - watching things grow.

These are yellow, straight-neck squash...and they sure produce lots of squash. I eat them almost every day, fried with onions, and give some to others as well. Pretty fruits. If you will notice, the two in this photo are growing together (mutating) into one.

These are the eggs in the second brood of bluebirds this year that have nested in this box that I made for them, and placed next to the garden. With harvest time and autumn fast approaching, I do believe this will be the last brood that they'll raise this year. I hope to get a picture of the pretty blue male bluebird someday.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the pictures as much as I've enjoyed taking them and studying them. Hope you are able to learn a little something in the by and by.

God bless!


As of Monday July 20, 2009, two of the little bluebird eggs have hatched. Not real sure if the other two will hatch or not, they may have been chilled, or were infertile. In about 14 - 22 days, they will leave the nest. They will have spotted plumage as juvenile birds and then molt into their adult plumage in the fall to early winter.

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