Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Entomological Nature

I thought this was pretty interesting, it had rained most of the morning, so I was waiting around for it to quit so I could start mowing when I took a walk by the garden and spotted this large, adult, male Dobsonfly, and I rushed to get the camera before it could fly away. It was still there when I returned.

Dobsonflies live in large, slow-flowing, silty creeks and streams as nymphs, called hellgrammites, and are good for catching smallmouth bass and then crawl out of the water when conditions are right, split their skin and turn into a winged insect...there is a stream like this just a few hundred yards from where I live, and I assume that is where this one came from in pursuit of a mate.

Just thought I would share a little more of God's Creation with you.

I will be sharing some of my other recent photos shortly.

God bless!

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