Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Self-Proclaimed "Czars" Are In A Hurry

"A House Republican leader predicts that if President Obama and Democrats succeed in enacting their healthcare plan, the United States will have a single-payer healthcare system two to five years from now.

House Democrats are reportedly considering completely bypassing a vote on their $1 trillion healthcare bill in the Energy and Commerce Committee and proceeding right to the floor for a vote by the full House. Seven "Blue Dog" Democrats, who walked out of meetings on Friday, are holding the bill up in committee.

House Conference Secretary John Carter (R-Texas) says because they are "concerned they can't keep their own people together," President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are in "nothing more than a bum's rush" for Canadian and European Union-style socialized medicine." Read the full story... Credits to Jim Brown, Writer for OneNewsNow - Your News Right Now

Two parts of this bill that should concern all Americans is the section that deals with (paraphrasing) "The end-of-life-treatment" in which the government can decide life and death of the elderly, and the same goes for unborn children with the F.O.C.A so called "Freedom of Choice Act" that is to be included in the bill.

Secondly, the bill will allow for electronic connection to, and transferal of funds from peoples bank accounts.

This so called "healthcare" bill is nothing but evil, my friends, and it will cripple this country as nothing ever before has.

If there was ever a time for concern, the time is now, more than ever before!! While there still is time!!

Don't feel set back and allow the liberal hate and bile make you feel marginalized, although we may be in the minority, remember that God still hears and answers prayer, and is our help in time of need.

God bless!

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