Monday, August 3, 2009

College Students and Grassroots

The president of The American Cause is encouraging young college conservatives to stand up for their beliefs.

The Young America's Foundation's 31st National Conservative Student Conference is under way in Washington, DC. Bay Buchanan, the president of The American Cause and former treasurer of the United States under President Ronald Reagan, will speak to the students on Thursday about being a leader on campus, which she says is more than just having a strong belief.

related interview button"To be a leader, you have to open your mouth. You can't influence others until you do. And so what an opportunity they have because they can go from the luncheon table to the classroom, to the dorm rooms -- and every place, every location on that campus offers them an opportunity to express their views and to firm them up and to challenge others to debate them," she explains.
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This is great!

Indeed, we need more energetic young people willing to step into the fray for the Conservative cause, in order that we may rebuild our Conservative base. Especially at this time in our nation, when a majority of the voter population has come from public, government-run school systems, which are, for the most part, atheists encouraging students to be atheists with atheistic philosophy, such as postmodernism, which uses selfish, man-centered meta-narratives in order to make the students question their parents and God's authority. Then there is Darwinism, Darwin's schemes of "evolution," where man and all living creatures descended from a single common ancestor according to Darwin, and that every technological and medicinal discovery owes credit to Darwinism for the advancement. These are all myths. Then there is Marxism (or communism), the economical philosophy of Karl Marx that advocated for the abolition of private property, and redefining the "common welfare" to mean redistribution of wealth, and is in the works as we speak within the hallowed halls of our Congress.

We need young people who are willing to speak out in the classroom, at school events, in youth group meetings at church, town council meetings, start petitioning. There are so many ways that America's Conservative students can be of help in the rebuilding of, and Restoration of the Republic.

Let's start a firestorm!

God bless!

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