Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Is The Conservative Cause?

Just what is the Conservative Cause? This is a question most often asked by newcomers to the party. They wonder as to the specifics, because both conservatives and liberals have causes.

Most common hot-button issues on the table are abortion and marriage. When you come down to the differences of each parties stated beliefs on these two issues, its pretty clear that there is something wrong, wrong enough to create a divide in this country so great that it has split it right down the middle. Of course, the divide didn't start taking place until we knowingly, as a Nation, and as a majority God-fearing people, handed over our young people and their future to the Courts, the ACLU and atheists in 1963, and from that time forward test scores have declined, violent crimes have risen, abortion and S.T.D's have risen, and so now we have a disobedient nation.

Is there any possibility of reconciling the two sides (Conservative and Liberal) differences?

I am afraid to say that that is not a possibility at this time. Maybe, possibly in the future. I don't know what the future holds. Only God knows that, and if He decides that the many differences and brokenness in our nation be mended then that is my prayer.

The primary reason that the two sides cannot be reconciled is precisely not because there are two different sets of political belief, but because there are two opposing forces guiding each group's thinking. Take for example the two hot-button issues that I mentioned. What would lead one to come to believe that unborn children should be murdered in their mothers wombs? Conversely, on the opposite end of the spectrum, What would lead one to believe that children who've been conceived should receive life, love, affection and the care that is due them?


Now, there will always be excuses made in order to justify the given mindset of the individual defending their beliefs. But here's where we mustn't make the mistake of being concentrated on that individuals opinion, which is a mistake that is all too often made. Don't do this mistake! I repeat DO NOT do this mistake! Because they are not the source of their thinking. Man is not the source of any particular philosophy, opinion, or beliefs held. There is a spiritual power behind each individuals particular beliefs. Each individual will be on one side or the other. Sometimes you will meet someone who is split in their beliefs, because, on the one hand, they are trying to listen to what the bad, or man is telling them and they want to follow this naturally occurring disobedient nature that is inherent to them through the Adamic nature, and on the other hand, God is still dealing with their heart to try and keep them in His will. Provided that they will reject the evil that is in their heart.

One thing to remember when it comes to opposing opinions as it relates to political matters, is that, liberals have had control of this nation getting close to the century mark whether people wish to believe it or not, and even though Conservatives controlled Congress and the Presidency nearly twenty years. All of that time, liberals have had control of this country, through all of those Conservative majorities and Presidencies Liberals have controlled America. That's not something to be proud about, if you ask me! But let me just say this, a majority of the liberals long before 1963 were not the same majority that they are today. Many, many years before 1963, let's say 1780-90, go back 180 years or so, or even further from that date, and you will find a consensus among Congressional people who believed in practically the same manner as those Conservatives who represent us today.

There are a number of reasons that Liberals veered off into negative territory, but a hand full and one primary reason can explain the biggest part of the problem. One of the first things that happened where we went wrong was in 1800 when the government abandoned the Tenth Amendment (The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people) and placed more power into the hands of the Federal judiciary. This led to despotic judges ruling from the bench on the basis of mere ideology, or selfish intent than from a basis in truth and authority. In other words, they were and continue to rule with authority that doesn't belong to them. That's one of the more major disasters that have taken place, and that remains with us today.

The truly disastrous mistake for America was when the people stopped seeing a need to defend God's Word against the lies of atheist communists, and it is immaterial as to what particular date it occurred. It was a mistake, and one that should never have happened. Allowing organizations like the ACLU to become national and bring atheistic nationalism to our nation gaining a foothold into policy making is another mistake. But above all, the lack of defending God's Word has been the tragedy on the part of the American people.

So, what do we mean when we say, the Conservative Cause?

Well, to put it in simple terms, the Conservative Cause is about defending and giving freedom, and recognizing that the government is not only limited in their authority because of the Constitution (basically the Tenth Amendment) but by Almighty God. And that goes on an individual basis for everyone, everyone is limited in their abilities to choose leaders if they wish to remain a free and prosperous citizenry, realizing that their sustenance and Providence is from Almighty God Above, not from the mortal-mind-and-flesh of man.

Conservatives believe in low taxes, so that individuals can provide for their families needs, and give God what is due Him in the tithing of our ten percent. When the goverment takes more than ten percent of our income (which came about through the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment, and which gives the government unlimited taxing authority, and thus, not respecting the income of individuals), they are officially setting Caesar (themselves) up as God. And that's not the way it goes, my friends!

That's one of the primary ways you can find out how someone who identifies as an "Independent" believes, by carefully listening to, or reading what they have to say about income taxes. Most of the time, if they are in favor of a federal income tax, they are in favor of redistribution of that wealth to people and programs that do not pay any taxes and do not benefit the work ethic, or create jobs. The longer this continues the larger and more power the government becomes, because you have increasingly less individuals who are responsible for their upkeep and so on, they are, or have become dependent upon the government for their every need. You see, communism, when all power is vested into the State, does not benefit any citizen, only the elite, who has control of the citizenry benefits, because they can manipulate and render powerless those under their feet to lower class status. Depriving the proletariat of the necessites of life, and thus, becoming slaves. Even worse, look what happened to those under Stalin, or Hitler, or Mussolini, and host of others. There is an astonishing amount of information to the leisure of the reader out there that one can use to their benefit in order to inform themselves and arm themselves with the necessary knowledge to make wise decisions when it comes time to vote - this goes for a number of different areas and levels. On the local/town, State, and Federal levels - mainly on the Federal level though. Those are the folks that represent us as individual States. The danger being when we place too much trust in the Federal government when not first coming to a realization of who is over the Federal government. In regards to that, here is what must be realized before all else is considered...

The same God that is over us as the citizenry, the voters, whichever we want to call ourselves, simply however, we are humanity with a Creator, is the same God over the federal government. So any decision we make must be according to God's Word, not as dictated by the State, but under our own free-choice, and the government must defend likewise, the same.

So, the Conservative Cause should go as follows...

1. God is all Sovereign

2. Man's authority is delegated to him by God.

3. A return to, and defense of God's Word.

4. Choose leaders that are God-fearing and recognize His Supreme Sovereignty.

5. Educate others on the need for quality in leadership and limited authority at the Federal level.

6. Emphasis the dangers of atheism in our public schools, and what it has done to create disorder and chaos in our society and will ultimately lead to anarchy if not exposed and disposed.

7. The need for lower taxes.

8. Less welfare programs.

9. Less spending.

10. All education should be under the sole governance of the States, making it a private individual, parental choice, and not the Federal government's. So we can get it out of the hands of atheists.

11. Strip organizations like the ACLU of their funding.

12. Keep healthcare as a private industry. Not a government bureaucracy.

13. Bring home the bacon! Yes, let's start incentivizing the work ethic, ladies and gentlemen! Let's raise people up, instead of keeping them in the government's welfare slums.

God bless!

Thanks for visiting Conservatives United!

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  1. Jeremiah,

    This isn't a Conservative cause. This is a call for a theocracy based on your warped views on Christianity.

    You keep forgetting a few things, the most important ones being that, a.) not everyone believes what you believe, and b.) that America is not -- I repeat, not -- a Christian nation. We are a nation that recognizes and welcomes all kinds of faiths and practices, but adheres to none ourselves. We're like the world's referee when it comes to world religion.

    6. Emphasis the dangers of atheism in our public schools, and what it has done to create disorder and chaos in our society and will ultimately lead to anarchy if not exposed and disposed.

    First, ideas cannot be disposed or destroyed. Ideas - the good, the bad and the downright ugly - remain in some form or another and leave their mark on civilization.

    Second, how the hell has atheism caused chaos and disorder in our society?

    If this is your idea of what conservatism and Christianity should be, then i'm damn proud to be a young, agnostic liberal in 21st century America.