Saturday, October 31, 2009

Believe it...abortion funding is in healthcare bill (

A very ominous sign of the impending legislation...

A national pro-life group is warning members of Congress that a vote in favor of the 1,990-page House healthcare bill is a vote to establish a federal government program that would directly fund abortion-on-demand with taxpayer dollars.

Abortion funding in healthcare imagePage 110 of H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, authorizes a new government health insurance program to pay for all elective abortions. Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee, explains.

"This is a federal agency, a federal program, [and] of course it's going to spend federal funds -- that's the only kind of funds it's got," he notes. "So all of these assurances that some prominent Democrats, including President Obama, have given that there won't be federal funding for abortions, that's not what's in the bill."

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  1. Of course abortion is in the health care bill. For me, I'm tired of the federal govt. forcing me to pay for things I am morally against.

    I have been encouraging others to read that new book just out that's about a small town in America that fights federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. Maybe, history is now asking us to take a stand against a govt. that forces us to do something we abhorde. It's a great read!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I agree.

    I guess one could explain it on a deeply philosophical note, as that's really where it all rests...but if we render the philosophical down, we have one word that remains...and that's unbelief...everything about this healthcare bill and the philosophy driving the entire administration is based on unbelief. Did you hear some of the czars and how they idolize the most murderous dictator in the world? He was the same way, he was an atheist.

    Since they think there is "no" Creator, they feel that they can determine life and death choices for everyone, and foist that mentality upon the populace. It's about who is more sovereign, God or man.

    I too, believe that another revolution is coming, and it is not only a right, but a duty that the people have to remove the government that we have, and put back into place a government that submits to our wishes and not their own.

  3. The healthcare bill will provide funds for prayer based "treatments". What do you say to that?

    Personally I think Zeus is most sovereign. He is clearly the best God.