Monday, November 2, 2009


From the POTUS, to Congress to the last links in our society, we have no moral guidance, hence everything is open to "Fed interpretation" of what is right for us. It's no longer about community standards or values, it's about "Politically Correct", "collectives" and what someone else believes we need.

We could have done much to prevent this day by just simply protecting school prayer and Bible reading in our schools, and maintaining that oft-quoted phrase from Scripture...Matthew 7:12 - "So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets."

Too late, too late...

We've lost our country as we knew it and it's been a long time coming. Obama and his band of merry communists, radical anti-Americanism and Capitalist destroyers, are merely the final "irresistible force" for our final road...the road to serfdom.

God bless and protect all, as we watch our country crumble before our eyes!


  1. Perhaps you would like to define communism?

    The term "Capitalist destroyer" sounds like a capitalist that destroys stuff. I think you meant a "destroyer of capitalism".

    You're also asking God to bless and protect all. Doesn't that mean he should protect the country from crumbling? Or is he just supposed to protect the people from the crumbling?

    You might also want to look up what serfdom means. We don't live under feudalism. I suppose if your employer paid you via giving you an apartment to live in then you could maybe call yourself a serf.

    Serfdom was also very popular within Christendom.

  2. Communism is a system that involves the destruction, or abolition of the right to own private property--being therefore owned and run as to the dictates of the State. This is also pertains to life and death decision making, as communism is based upon unbelief (atheism). However, this can't be achieved all at once, the communist philosophers must work through other avenues or systems to get the collective in submission to them, by their own standards, preferably through the educational system, which they do not use democratically, but dictate what is to be taught by the State and not the parents, and thus, leading to poor learning on one end and well in the social engineering aspect end of the stick....and this takes time, after years and years of social engineering or indoctrination in atheism, this soon turns up in the democratic election process and as they get the collective mentality behind them through the State controlled educational system, but only one part of the process...they also work avenues such as the Media, Journalism, and now the Internet, and Community Organizing groups, and through the subsidizing of joblessness, and unhealthy living practices, so that certain numbers and adding to the numbers as the years pass more and more numbers of the population become complacent about their own state, and the trap they're being pulled into by the State.

    Eventually, at some point, it will be too late, because the number of jobs will be dwindled to near nothing and the government won't be able to work any longer, and therefore, they state will see their opportunity to change everything...we're already seeing it in the form of our constitutional rights to free speech disappearing, and the religious rights of Christian individuals in particular also disappearing, to display semblance of our faith in public places. Pretty soon, the Constitution will be changed to include no limits as to the number of years that a President can serve, and so the people won't have a say in the election process. Our right to own an bear arms is also being attacked, and so we won't be able to protect ourselves from the government, if we the people don't stand up to protect this right.

    It's communism, friend. No question about it. You don't even have to second guess, it's communism.

    Serfdom is the same thing ... take the example you provided ... in the same instance, the government could pay the people whatever they deemed would be sufficient for the individuals they are in control of whether it be sufficient to supply their needs or not ... they could care less about the living conditions, whether they have heat in their homes, or whether they have food on the table to supply their needs, there could be little or no food on the table and it would make no difference to the government...and this would create friction between those the government treated poorly and those they treated better than the next man...except it's much worse under the government, because the only jobs under the dictates of government are slavery.

    Needless to say, we are headed in the wrong direction in America.

  3. RE: The term "Capitalist destroyer" sounds like a capitalist that destroys stuff.

    No. If you are one who agrees with Obama's tax and spend policies, you are a Capitalist destroyer. A Capitalist destroyer is one who strives to destroy capitalism. Just like the people who work in Obama's cabinet, they are people who work to destroy capitalism.

  4. RE: You're also asking God to bless and protect all. Doesn't that mean he should protect the country from crumbling? Or is he just supposed to protect the people from the crumbling?

    Yes, whenever I say all ... I'm obviously asking Him to bless and protect His chosen ... people who confide and trust in Him for their strength and sustenance. But as His Word tells us, He rains on the just and the unjust, the righteous and the unrighteous ... so the crumbling will affect everybody on all sides of the issues, it will affect both you and I...and the crumbling will occur because He wills it to.

    The main thing ... are we, as individuals ready to leave this world when the collapse comes? Physically, it won't matter ... but now spiritually speaking, there are implications...are we ready to meet God.

  5. [It's no longer about community standards or values, it's about "Politically Correct" "collectives" and what someone else believes we need.]

    Sorry, there, Jer, but what are community standards BUT "collectives," and a group consensus about what people need? The fact is, you are up in arms only when the "consensus" is something with which you happen to disagree. That would be the honest argument, which you handily fail to make.

    And, oh, yes, those POOOOR evangelical voices losing their opportunity to speak out for the right to marginalize those with whom they don't agree, and to bear arms wholesale (becuase you know that Jesus would want his devotees to have free access to those loving, inclusive assault weaponds). What a pity that anyone should inveigh against their right to bully their ideological enemies and bear firearms while they do so.

    I hope you're ready to leave this world when the "collapse" you so tremble in fear of comes. The sooner, the better. This planet is better without the sanctimonious likes of you.

    What a sorry piece of work you are, sir.

  6. A Very Good Job "Jeremiah" on your political and I must say religious values and view concerning our current situation. Its so sad in America that we have people that don't agree and go to extremes to call people names and hateful insinuations because they fail to understand the ultimate conclusions to leaders that are of a Reprobate Minds and so they show hatred and disregard for people like yourself.
    I have read your blogs and find that you see the "Dangers" of the current Administration of this nation and the Democratic Elite that have hi-jacked this Political "Democrat" Party and have taken it to a political disaster.
    I find that there are people like "Anonymous" that show their hatred towards your ideologies, but stand Firm my friend, stand true as I see you have done, because this Nation will see that the Democrats in Charge will be exposed. Then Americans whatever affiliation they may have politically will then see what Nancy Pelosi, along with George Soros (A Hater of American Ideals and Freedoms, Harry Reid, (who WILL be voted out soon), along with other top elite democrats like Barbara Boxer, Jay Rockefeller, Charles Schumer, Dick Durbin, and a host of others are doing to bring our nation under a System that so much resembles Stalin, and I regret to say Mussolini, and Hitler; whom as you know was elected in 1933 to the Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany. We all know how this coward bowed down at the last. He was exposed by American Forces and American Ideals and ultimately was forced out. Hitler ultimately wanted to establish a New Order of absolute Nazi German hegemony in Europe. To achieve this, he pursued a foreign policy with the declared goal of seizing Lebensraum "living space" for the Aryan people; directing the resources of the state towards this goal. This included the rearmament of Germany, which culminated in 1939 when the Wehrmacht invaded Poland. In response, the United Kingdom and France declared war against Germany, leading to the outbreak of the Second World War in Europe.
    Our current President has adamantly declared "CHANGE", and Americans Nationally are seeing the dreaded consequences of his "Failed" ideas and leadership. He knows nothing of military leadership and decisions that will encompass the very "sacred lives" of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of American lives in a Nation that is at war with Christianity and ultimate the Iranian Nation that wants to Destroy Israel, and then to Destroy the Very American ideals and heartbeat of this Nation.
    So in conclusion to the "Anonymous" person here it clearly shows what a reprobate mind" who knows not "Reality" or the dreaded consequences of failed leadership, and the Mindset of the Haters of Christianity, the Haters of the followers of Jesus Christ our Saviour, who came and gave His Life for the World, and thru Whom "ALL" that comes to know the True God, of the Jews, Christians, or whatever religious affiliations, thru whom ONLY Jesus Christ can deliver spiritually,and Jeremiah let it be known today that this Truth I am speaking here is "Hidden from the Wise and the Prudent". So stay strong, be of Good Cheer my friend because the "Love of God" will overcome all hostility, all hatred, and all those who try to defeat, destroy, maime and kill, because Christ Himself over came the Evil one at the Cross and Thank the God Almighty "YaHweH" for people like yourself. "Praise" .........truthisright

    NOTE: (I must post anonymous on the comments because I don't have a google account)..