Thursday, November 12, 2009

Larry King's Interview With Carrie Prejean

After all the Left has put this woman through, all the way from attacking her for an answer she gave from the heart as a Christian woman, in no way rude or seditious against others of opposing views, to her private life and relationships. It would seem that Larry King would have the decency to not be so intruding and ask such silly questions, and too, he sought to intimidate her with selecting homosexuals to further the homosexual agenda and put her in a position to answer questions that would deliberately create a controversy, because the Left does not care about the truth, only to silence it. Shame on Mr. Larry King. I am glad that Ms. Prejean chose to walk out.

This woman is hated simply for who she is, but most of all what she stands for. Nothing brings out the hate-filled rage more on the Left than those women who stand up for traditional God-fearing ordered family values.

God bless Carrie Prejean for having the courage throughout this entire ordeal to stand up and speak truth, and for what's right. She is a wonderfully gifted, and talented young lady!

God bless you, and thank you for reading!

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  1. She certainly knows how to "take care" of herself...

  2. Anonymous,

    She seems to be doing really well. She's not bowed down to the Left-wing insults and lies...she's kept her head held high this entire time. I just feel for her and so many other women who try to do right that they have to be belittled and ridiculed when it isn't necessary. And Larry King had no business asking questions that were none of his business.

    God is going to work great things through Ms. Prejean's life, and through other women like Sarah Palin. They will be a wonderful inspiration to other young women growing up, other people can learn and see what these women have been through, and see how they have maintained their character by doing what is right, and they will also learn that the leftist agenda is not in their best interests, that what they've been told about feminism isn't the case ... and although what these two women stand for isn't always popular, especially in our day and age, at least some will escape the unfulfilling life of leftist "feminism" and the politically correct non-sense that goes with it by looking up to the example that Ms. Prejean and Sarah Palin set for them.

  3. Anon's post was referring to how Ms. Prejean shed her clothes and made an xxx tape of herself, Jeremiah.

  4. Jonathan,
    Ms. Prejean acknowledges that she made a mistake, (here is her interview w/Sean Hannity), what made this even more embarrassing for her was that she was dependent upon her boyfriend to keep it between him and her, but he turned against her.

    At any rate, she acknowledges that what she done was wrong, and God will forgive her of it...and that's all that really matters.

    Now she can look ahead working toward her goals for the future. Of course, there is always that possibility that we could mess up along the way, but as long as we put our trust in the Lord and diligently study His Word, then God won't let us mess up, as He'll remind us through the guidance of His Holy Spirit of the things that we must abstain from, and the things that we need to be doing to be healthy physically, but more importantly, spiritually.

    God bless, and thank you for commenting.

  5. Nobody attacked her for her heartfelt answer, Christian or not, Jeremiah. She was criticized because she spoke inaccurately, in claiming that U.S. citizens could choose between same-sex or "opposite" marriage. Her meager intellect, not her moral compass, was the target.

    Have you watched the Larry King show before, Jeremiah? It's a journalist's job in a one-on-one interview to ask probing, tough, sometimes awkward questions, especially when the interviewee is a controversial figure. I suppose you would prefer that he had asked her what magazines she reads, as Katie Couric did of Sarah Palin, with such memorable results.

    traditional, God-fearing, ordered family values

    I find this hierarchical listing extremely telling, Jeremiah, as to your point of view. You make it all sound like a Divine pyramid scheme, where the family at the base of the pyramid derives the least benefit from the equation.

    the unfulfilling life of leftist "feminism"

    I would submit to you the proposition that until you have "walked the walk" you are unqualified in extremis to "talk the talk" about anyone else's life path, least of all that of a woman, ANY woman.

    Ms. Prejean acknowledges that she made a mistake

    And, apparently, made it again and again and again, despite all that courage, giftedness and talent that you apparently see. (I'd have posted a link here to the revelation that there were multiple xxx tapes of the saintly Ms. Prejean, but apparently Jeremiah disapproves of third-party refutation being allowed on his blog, to the point of blocking any remote particle of cut-and-paste.

    Terribly courageous, there.

  6. Anonymous,

    No. She was attacked verbally over and over, and still is, for her belief in marriage. Marriage being between one man and one woman. What she was referring to when she said "you can choose" meant that you can choose whoever you wish to be your mate, you just can't call it "marriage" when it's not between one man and one woman, and she clarified that by saying "'I believe marriage should be between one man and one woman.'"

    I watched the Larry King show for years up until about 1998 and I realized that CNN is in the tank for socialism. I found his show interesting, buter never really agreed with him on many points...of course, I really didn't have a serious interest or personal views on politics, not until a friend suggested Fox News a couple years later. Then I started to tinker with the Internet some, and what they call blogs...then I looked at some of these blogs and the worldviews that we being presented, the ver first one in particular and then it hit me as to how dangerous the worldviews of some left-wingers are, how it is hated-based propaganda by atheists in favor of communism and designed to hurt Christians.

    As for journalists asking "tough, probing questions," that is fine, but they must still maintain a modicum of respect for the confidentiality of some information. Just like financial information that is crucial to your wouldn't want everyone to have access to this information. The wrong person gets ahold of it, and they will ruin you. It's the same way with contracts and any other information that needs to be kept private.

    As for your "Divine pyramid" analogy. Friend, that's the way it is. Without God there would be no mankind, let alone family. All authority rests at the top that is Almighty God.

    Finally, do not assume that I "speak for women," because I do not. There is clear evidence, however, that the PC crowd has sought to and in many way redefined feminism to mean things that it does not, such as on the abortion is somehow construed by left-wing "feminists" that, in order to be a feminists one must "be in favor of abortion." Yes, Margaret Sanger set a very poor example for many women. Yet, there are those today who would seek to destroy good women like Sarah Palin in order that Margaret Sanger's failed ideology would prevail. Fortunately, it won't!

    Judgment day is coming!

    God bless, and thank you for commenting!