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The Culture

Some like the culture, some dislike the culture...I guess one could say, however, there is more evidence in favor of opposing the culture than in favor. Our society (America's) has went from a fairly stable culture, to one that is more of a got started through the establishment of tolerance for differing cultures and lifestyles.

What is culture? We most often associate culture with certain type or branch of study as it pertains to different and individual subject matter, for example, bees (for which I can relate), which would translate into the hands-on study and propagation of different bee lines and their genetic makeup in order to improve the bee traits already within the bees for a more desirable outcome of traits being observed. In the sense in which we are talking about here, it is the cultivation of a particular form or stage of civilization.

Let's talk about changing cultures, and what are some things that have improved our culture and others that may have damaged it...starting with the improvements. Okay, we have better means of transportation, such as motor vehicles, trains, airplanes. We can travel much further distances at a faster pace than we could on horseback. Too, vehicles enable us to remain shielded from the harsh elements of the weather. These machines came about through the invention of the four-cycle engine/motor. We also have a large selection of tools in which to choose from, there are circular saws, table saws, miter saws for cutting angles, levels for getting vertical and horizontal as close as possible to perfect, squares for getting that ninety-degrees right on the mark, hammers in various sizes, shapes and weights made from steel that can be used for constructive or destructive purposes...such driving nails which is what we associate a claw and/or framing hammer and for pounding things into place so that they can be nailed to fit into alignment with the project being contructed, and we also have geological tools, which can be used to chip away rocks to find old artifacts or fossils hidden below the earth's surface in the layers of rock and soil. More advanced machinery for the do-it-yourself project and just everyday maintenance are the chainsaws for cutting and trimming trees with a range of sizes to choose from, tree surgery and logging are just two that come to mind. Then we have lawnmowers, which can have either two or four cycle engines attached, that are used to keep the grass around your home looking smooth and neat and not a hay field. There are also two cycle grass trimmers that can be used for cutting down the extra high grass around the edges of houses, walk and driveways and other structures where the grass can't be mowed over. Then we have roto-tillers, which are used for breaking the ground up into a finer consistency for planting a garden, or for leveling rough areas of ground that need smoothed out so that you won't trip on a high piece of dirt and so that it can be mowed over and maintained with the rest of the yard. It's just amazing at the number of inventions that have helped us to better cope, to survive in essence, in this rugged world. These things supply jobs to thousands of people from year to year, that without...would have no means of securing a future for themselves. Today, our levels of communication have been expanded such that there is hardly anywhere that we can't have some form of communication at our fingertips at all times and any location. Through the Internet, we have spanned the globe, such that we can reach even the most distant of relatives and loved-ones in foreign lands. Too, the Internet helps us to communicate and socialize with different people that we most likely would never have the opportunity to in-person. Like the hammer, however, all things can be used for either constructive or destructive, positive or negative, good or bad, basically right or wrong purposes.

I think that's what all really boils down to, when it comes to defining how our culture has been negatively or positively affected by change and mixing of cultures. It all depends on what you perceive right and wrong to be before you can accurately determine which is a good/positive, bad/negative direction for change. When we keep things in purity, and in their original state, they usually work quite well, but when mixing cultures, then that is just asking for a deadly recipe for disaster. We most often call a mixture of cultures, multiculturalism.

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I guess the question then, what is the direction of multiculturalism? Well, first, what does it entail? American began as a Christian nation, all the Founders' and always will be, despite the liberal critics who redefine history to mean otherwise. The men who drafted and ratified our timeless Constitution, were the most honorable of Christians.

This is Benjamin F. Morris' view of the Founders of our Republic, who wrote The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States

First. The Christian inspirations and purpose of the founders and fathers of the republic.

It was a popular legend of the ancients, which gave to their laws, literature, and religion a sacred solemnity and power, that the founders of empires received immediate inspiration from the gods, and that their systems of government came from the responses of the deities who presided in their temples of religion. This myth, in a Christian sense, was a grain and glorious fact with the wise and skillful workmen who, under God, created and completed the civil institutions of the United States.

No claim to special inspiration from heaven is set up for the fathers of the republic. It would, however, be a violence to historic truth not to affirm and admit that they were under the special and constant guidance of an overruling Providence. The BIble, as the divine charter of their political rights, as well as of their hopes of immortality, they reverently studied, and on it laid the corner-stone of all their compacts and institutions. The Mosaic system of political jurisprudence, which "contains more consummate wisdom and common sense than all the legislators and political writers of the ancient nations," the founders of the Ameircan republic thoroughly understood, and incorporated its free spirit and democratic principles into their organic institutions.

Secondly. The Christian men who formed our civil insitutions were trained and prepared for their work in scenes of conflict in which the truest ideas of liberty and religion were developed.

Great ideas, and the forward movements of the ages, have received their inspiration and empetus from civil and religious agitations and revolutions. This fact has its analogy in the conflicts that preceded the planting of a Christian republic on the North American continent. "The whole of the sixteenth century was a period of active preparation for future times; and all that is great in modern science may be said to have received its founation in the agitations that grew out of that period of the world. It forms one of the grandest and richest eras in human history." Whilst it was an age re;lete with the most splendid triumphs in science and literature, it was pre-eminent, also, for its elaborations and vindication of the fundamental principles of civil and religious liberty.

The persecutions of the Puritans in England for non-conformity, and the religious agitations and conflicts in Germany by Luther, in Geneva by Calvin, and in Scotland by Knox, were the preparatory ordeals for qualifying Christian men for the work of establishing the civil institutions on the American continent. "God sifted," in these conflicts, "a whole nation, that he might send choice grain over into this wilderness;" and the blood and persecution of martyrs became the seed of both the church and the state.

It was in these schools of fiery trial that the founders of the American republic were educatd and prepared for their grand Christian mission, and in which their faitha nd characters became strong and earnest with Christian truth. They were educated and prepared for their grand Christian mission, and in which their faith and characters became strong and earnest with Christian truth. They were trained in stormy times, in order to prepare them to elaborate and establish the fundamental principles of civil and religious liberty and of just systems of civil government.

Brewster, and Winthrop, and Roger Williams, and Penn, and George Calvert, and Oglethorpe, and Otis, and Adams, and Jefferson, and Washington, with their illustrious co-laborers, could trace their true political parentage to Pym, and Hampden, and Wickliffe, and Milton, and Cromwell, and to the ages in which they vindicated the principles of liberty, and sealed, many of them their faith by martyrdom.

Thirdly. Thus inspired and prepared, the Christian men of Puritan times and of the Revolution presented and developed the true symbol of civil government.

So, that is, in essence, the men who inspired the break away from England to start a new beginning under the auspices of Our Creator, as they faced dangers at sea on their way to America.

From that point forward we see how America progressed through the lenses of great people at our founding such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and everyone in between, all of which, solemnized America's institutions with their Christian Faith.

We seen this reliance upon God throughout the years that our Founders professedly and markedly stated within all of the State Constitutions and Bills of Rights, and that are still with us today. It was their wisdom, their virtue, their culture, that inspired the building of the greatest nation on earth. Why do we not see this magnitude of honor among our leaders today? In order to answer this question, we have to understand what would necessitate a change from the values of our Founding Fathers.

Fast forward roughly one and a half centuries, and in the early part of the 20th century, around the year 1940, there was a philosopher by the name of Herbert Marcuse (you can read about him on the Internet), who identified himself as a Marxist and Socialist, who also moved to America at that time, and then in the latter 1950s to early 1960s he began teaching school in our major colleges and universities, he taught political philosophy. It was shortly afterward that the student revolution broke out. Mr. Marcuse was one of several political minds influencing this radical departure from the foundation of the American Republic form of government and ideas, another one of them being Margaret Sanger, and then Madeline Murray O'Hair.

Those three being the main instigators, if you will. Marcuse attacking mainly capitalism, while Margaret Sanger and Madeline Murray O'Hair attacked the Bible and Christianity. In many ways, Margaret Sanger's incessant campaign for promiscuity led to the abolition of the Comstock laws, and then further in the early 1970s with the abolition of Obscenity laws, which banned pornographic or lewd and licentious speech in writing and literature. So, there was a victory for the devil through one woman's efforts right there. Imagine that? If only Christians today would work that hard to fight to win the battles for the Lord. At about the same time, Madeline Murray O'Hair took the Board of Education to suit all the way at the Federal U.S. Supreme Court to abolish the daily prayers and Bible readings that took place in our nation's schools. "Radical Feminism" might we say? I do believe so!

From those times forward, we have seen each succeeding generation being brainwashed with ever-more grotesque and Satanic ideology. Just recently, a man by the name of Kevin Jennings was nominated for position as Obama's "safe schools czar," you might have heard about him on Sean Hannity's daily evening show. You can read more about Kevin Jennings and his views here.
I guess it's safe to say that Kevin Jennings is not too safe for our schools. Other information pertaining to the same group can be found at the main MassResistance site here

We also must not exclude the acceptance of, and tolerance for Islamic teachings that has played a role in the process of our nation's diversification. The not so distant memories of September 11, 2001 come to mind when thinking about the prospects of our culture that is leaning ever more toward a complete hedonistic state, regardless of the dire consequences that are a direct result.

Shortly after the time period when Mr. Marcuse began teaching is, I am almost certain, when the term multiculturalism came on the scene, along with politically correct (or PC) terminology. Grafting, then establishing differing or deviant lifestyles and customs in the mainstream of society through efforts to abolish old precedent and law, and in with the new.

What we can gather from this, then, is that the goal or direction of multiculturalism is the effect that is to be had in a multiculturalist mindset of tolerance for the customs of differing backgrounds or cultures, for sexual orientation and then enforcing a code of political correctness that entails a "right to not be offended," in other words, everything is supposedly to be tolerated without reference to norms or precedent, such as the foundation of prayer and Bible reading that was established in our nation's schools with its hope and wisdom was forced out because one woman was offended, and to other a cross by the side of the highway, if someone is offended by it, most usually a representative for the ACLU (Anti-Christian Lawyers Union) they seek a court order to have it removed, or if a college football team has prayer before their game-time asking God to keep them safe and keep them in good spirits, if an ACLU member sees them, they usually seek a court order to have the prayers stopped.

These are all things born of multiculturalist and politically correct ideology.

On another note, as Christians, we can tolerate differing cultures and lifestyles insofar as they exist, but not go so far as to agree with their terminology, or their practices, or their beliefs, but doing everything we can to correct the misunderstanding that such lifestyles, beliefs, customs or actions are "beneficial," or "helpful" to their longterm health and security in any way ... more importantly, the effects that their choices will have as it relates to their eternal state. Most former customs, that are even practiced to some degree today, were and still are idolatry, and some people might disagree and say "define idolatry?" The Bible (God's Holy Word) describes idolatry as the worship of the Creation rather than the Creator...Now what is the Creation? Everything that is within the bounds of the universe, mostly what we can see...which includes everything on this earth which are many, and then there are the other planets, i.e, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, and other constellations, planets, etc. Those all fall under idolatry when they are worshiped or held in high esteem. Scripture explains these things in Romans 1:22-23 - 'Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.'

That makes it pretty clear how God feels about nations that do not abide by His laws and principles, it is, in essence, the end of reason for that nation, and we find any belief in God and Jesus Christ is coming under increasing attack, and it is a much more subtle attack from the days of Madalyn Murray O'Hare, she just laid the groundwork for the atheists to come, because she was, in essence, creating an environment where millions of children would be left without hope and indoctrinated daily with the propaganda machines of atheists, and it (the ruling in favor of Madalyn Murray O'Hare) also paved the way for folks like Planned Parenthood to inject their eugenics beliefs, and anti-moral sex education programs, for the injection of anti-Capitalist thought and philosophy, for evolution which is opposed to the idea of belief in God with militant atheists leading the charge with books written by Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and others ... all radical critics, and skeptics of the Christian faith. Our Educational Institutions have played the largest role in destroying this nation politically and philosophically, and who are the most vociferous proponents of multiculturalism as you can imagine, because it leads to the mixing up of cultures which leads to a polytheistic nation, which means "a belief in many gods," forcing the idea that all cultures are "equal" to each other, when in Wester Culture we know that not all cultures are ethically equal. God warned the people of Israel against mixing with the cultures of surrounding nations or countries because of the potential for ethical (not "ethnic") corruption or pollution...As believers, we are not to be bound with, or be company to unbelievers, for this would result in the turning away, or the wrath and judgment of Almighty God... so what does He ask of us that we might be spared His turning away?

He tells us in the book of 2 Chronicles 7:14 - "If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

That verse goes along with what other parts of Scripture says about "loosing and binding" on heaven and earth where Jesus says in Matthew 18:18-20 - 'Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.' God wants our full attention, and to discipline ourselves and those who are in the Church body to remain steadfast in the truth. So, essentially, it means that if it is God's Will, and we ask it in the name of His Son Jesus Christ, He says He will hear and answer our prayer.

From this verse, we can see in the light of it why the Episcopal Church is crumbling at its foundation, moreover, we can see the need in the nation's churches as a whole returning to this fundamental Biblical doctrine of truth that Christ taught to His disciples, refraining from mixing secular doctrines with Biblical teachings.

So, it takes faith first and a humbling of oneself, then dedicating oneself to the calling that God has set in place for us, which does not preclude the nation, who must also do the same before God so that things can change for the better, and that is what we should want for our nation as a whole.

God bless you, and thank you for reading!

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