Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Proof of America's Education Deficit...

And when I say "deficit," I mean learning the truth.

I recently noticed that my newest thread The Culture caught the eye of some clueless liberal, in which he felt compelled to respond...his response is as follows:

Excuse me...did not successive waves of immigrants land upon these shores with "differing cultures and lifestyles," specifically to escape the kind of repression in their land(s) of origin which Jeremiah now seems to espouse as the dictatorial, ideal societal structure? Survival of the first as opposed to survival of the fittest, eh? Let's stir that ol' Melting Pot, Jer. So long as it only has "American" cheese in it, apparently.

"RalphyFan," so he calls himself, makes the assumption that the very first settlers who came to America were of "differing backgrounds, differing cultures." In that case, I suggest that he remand such wording to his teachers, and tell them to get it right this time.

I would remind RalphyFan that immigrants from England to America in the 1500s-1600s, while they had differing work and work ethics, they had different tasks to perform, but in all of these different tasks, there was one and only one entity at work in their hearts and minds as they carried these duties and tasks out building the greatest nation on earth, and that was Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, and all of the Universe on display. From family government (which is actually where government starts), to Church (which is also self-governing), to Education, to Civil government (which is comprised of the Federal all the way down to the legislatures and town councils). order for the three main institutions to remain strong and in their proper place, they must operate according to, and receive guidance from Scripture (the Bible), because they are man and human institutions, thus, they have delegated authority, because man cannot act independent of his Creator, and that's why I always make the case that there can be no "neutrality" when it comes to governing, no matter what institution(s) it or they may be, because we are dependent upon the independent, Autonomous and unlimited governing authority of God, our Creator.

Just to make that clear: You cannot govern without reliance upon Almighty God, because reason itself is governed by Him. Thus, without God, there is no reason, purpose or meaning in governing bodies, or life in general for that matter. It becomes chaos, which I will explain later on in more detail.

Ok, we shall proceed to the next...

He goes on to enumerate all the things he feels make up "culture." I'll spare you the gory details but just state, for the record, that there is very little therein that most of us would look upon as "cultural." He waxes lyrical on transportation, machines, tools, communications - all very utilitarian elements. Nothing at all about the things that supposedly make us "human." You know. Art. Music. Drama. Literature. For Jeremiah, "culture" is limited to expedience.

Perhaps our good "friend" RalphyFan needs to ask himself a most pertinent question. What gives art, music, drama, and literature their meaning? What, ultimately, is the driving force behind the things he's listed?

When we look at today's "artistry, musicals, dramas, and literature" we can see that, in all of it, to some degree or another, it has been touched by atheism. To better illustrate what I mean, I went several years ago to an art exhibition shop, the showcases for those who wish to sell their work and make a profit off it...and what I found was most interesting ... I looked as I entered the place, and there before me was three large size posters which had a mixture of paint that looked as if it has just been thrown or slung onto the paper, with a splat here, a splash here, and a streak there ... and I wonder ... what on earth? And you know, it took me several years to finally understand what was driving the minds behind such unartistic tapestry. I could tell right from the start, that what was being depicted by the minds of these paintings was a sense of meaninglessness. Which is what atheism really does, it creates in the minds and hearts of individuals who've indulged in every pleasure and then come away totally empty of any true meaning, in essence, devoid of a conscience, and therefore, they could not comprehend the purpose of their existence.

Perhaps RalphyFan would also like to take a look at the invention that is the camera, photography is supposed to be a form of "art" is it not? The camera is an amazing little tool, it's almost as if you can make time stand still...but it, as I explained, is like all things, it can be used for negative or positive, good or bad, right or wrong. For example, look at the pornography industry...I wonder how many families and lives that this practice has destroyed or ended? I don't think it would be an understatement to say, more than too many. How 'bout enough, let's destroy America? Indeed! Hardly what we might call "art."

Oh, heavens forfend! How shall we preserve our pure selves from this scourge of Exposure To Other People's Ideas?

RalphyFan needs to understand that we are not "pure at heart," but that we are contaminated with the Adamic Nature (or Sin), but within each of us is our God-breathed spirit, or conscience as it were, that let's us know when what is right is right, and when what is wrong, is wrong...and we choose how we use this God-given gift. The problem being, then, is when we take no consideration for restraint with the parameters of right and wrong, and there are limits...and suffice it to say, there comes a point, when we no longer wish to operate within those limits that God will remove His calling, our conscience, to the wreckless abandon that we have chosen. Only those who trust in the One and Only Name of Jesus Christ, and studying His Word will escape this tragic fate. So we have to ask the question when dealing with other peoples ideas...Do they stack up to what the Word of God says? If they don't, then the Bible is very clear on this as well, that we are to have no part with them, as the result of being unequally yoked with them would be sheer chaos.

Except, er, no. I could expound on how many of the Founders were Deists rather than Christians in the Jeremian sense, and how insistent they were that no religious test be imposed for citizenship or public office...but he would hold his breath until he turned blue while I did so, and that would be counterproductive for us both.

It looks as though RalphyFan needs to go back and reread my post in its full context, instead of cherry-picking and going with what his left-wing atheist professors have told him, eh? Ah, "Counterproductive," he says ... well, I must agree. For he is a very inexperienced fellow in the fields of common sense and truth.
Find the truth and the truth will set you free, free indeed.

Jer then zeroes in on his targets: Herbert Marcuse, Margaret Sanger, and Madalyn Murray O'Hair. Marcuse, the enemy of capitalism (which of course Christ would have supported wholesale: might even have endorsed Madoff's scheme...); Sanger, persona non grata for advocating OBSCENITY! Oh, the horror; and of course O'Hair, giving prayers and Bible readings the boot from public schools which are not, after all, Sunday Schools. (Expletive) those uppity women speaking their minds!

Yes, indeed they spoke their minds...but now they tell a different story, and if only RalphyFan could listen to their story...he might have a different outlook on things. All three of them died lonely souls, and all because they chose to use their limited authority to satisfy themselves and their worldly pleasures, and it robbed them of the only gift they would ever have, eternal life. Pity!

OK, Jer. Apart from that being the longest run-on sentence ever memorialized on this Series Of many illogical leaps you hurdle, here, I can barely keep up. Tolerating multicultural points of view (which I would just observe, seems to work quite well up here in Godless Canada) apparently equates to Tolerating The Gay, to assuming that one faith has an historic right to promote itself without check, while all others are to just put up and shut up...

Take the scenario then, that RalphyFan puts forward for us...he says, "tolerating multicultural points of view works well in Canada," instead of using logic and facts, we see RalphyFan resorting to mere reaction, because he has an agenda, or desired outcome in mind, and what might this outcome be? If you look at it on eye level with the atheist himself, you can see very clearly that the answer is for that subversion to radical egalitarian philosophy that liberals use in the forefront to their ultimate goal of a communist society...we see this taking place in a variety of places that encompasses the globe, most notably here in the U.S., in Canada, and in Europe...and Europe has gone so far now that they're on their way out. But more to the point, where does each culture fall into the line of multiculturalist society? We have to remember that the pecking order is different under the governance of multiculturalist ultimately becomes the centerpiece for all philosophying, governing and most all decision making in general, and dictates that all systems of thought or governing are "equal," but when we look deeper, just underneath the surface we see that this isn't true, those of us who are the most tolerant so to speak, are the ones who then become targets by the government and other agencies of earthly authority, object of ridicule, hate and a conceited effort to place man on a pedestal "higher than God." Just recently a young man in Toronto, Ontario-Canada had written an article for one of the magazines there...he faced prison time, and tremendous fines along the way. Is this the multiculturism of which RalphyFan seems to be so proud? Why, it is the very "put up and shut up" of which he speaks.

Are we seeing a pattern of self-imposed victimization here?

Actually, it is RalphyFan who is being victimized, yet he cannot see it because he is content living within that victimization, when he could have true freedom. Yet, he chooses to reject a God which he does not know, while fashioning his own god out of this small materialistic world.

From there, Jer goes on to quote chapter and verse for why he feels the need to incessantly prosyletize, and on the evils of idolatry. I'll skip the rant for the good bits: Our Educational Institutions have played the largest role in destroying this nation politically and philosophically, and who are the most vociferous proponents of multiculturalism as you can imagine, because it leads to the mixing up of cultures which leads to a polytheistic nation, which means "a belief in many gods," forcing the idea that all cultures are "equal" to each other, when in Wester Culture we know that not all cultures are ethically equal.

Well, I would contend that there is a right way and there is a wrong way to proselytize, and I would much rather proselytize for the One who has the Only ability to bring true peace and happiness, that being Jesus Christ Our Lord. He is, in essence, the true and Living water, and that Well never goes dry or stagnates. In the physical part, we always wind up thirsty again, because it is just temporary, and we have to drink often in order to maintain our equilibrium, which helps to supply oxygen to the blood, always the joints to move more easily, carries waste out of our system. It's the same way with our spiritual life, we must soak up the Word daily in order to help maintain purity of mind and heart as the Word helps to remind us of our true purpose in life, to be, as near as possible, like Jesus Christ.

Dear me, that we should be a "polytheistic nation." Oh, wait! We already are! Hate to break it to you, Jer, but I went though K-12 with Jewish kids. Yeah. They took off Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. I bet you had a similar experience. Were you as outraged then as you are, now, online? Did their devotion to Yahweh over your Jesus (expletive) you off so much at the time? Noooo, I wonder if your ire isn't reserved for all that you perceive as totally "other" than your own beliefs. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, etc. If it doesn't touch upon Israel, it doesn't belong in "Wester" [sic.] culture.

Notice then the particular faith that RalphyFan wishes to level the bulk of his critique against...yep, you guessed it, none other than an atheist would, at Jesus and His followers. Why? It is for the fact that they recognizes the truth of Jesus' message, and they can't stand that with all passion. Suffice it to say, RalphFan goes off onto a hysterical rant about how he thinks I view other religions. It's evident that he has found pleasure in the material world of which he builds his worldview, yet he is empty inwardly. Devoid of a conscience. I don't know, maybe it's a waste of time to debate such farcical ramblings, but clearly, RalphyFan is a good example of dire situation that our world and especially our own world is in.

At the end of the day, Jer, you are one arrogant (expletive). Because you have the gall to try to dictate to others how they should live their lives according to your preferred beliefs. And, furthermore, to shunt the blame onto institutions that strive to be faith-blind, and deliver all kids a decent education rather than the Bible-thumping indoctrination you apparently would prefer.

You can sense the pain, can't you? Derelict, and without hope, he lashes out the only way a poor soul know how to spew hate and vitriol. However, he raises an interesting point ... he says "faith-blind," I'd say it's one thing to be faith-blind, but then it's quite another to be forced by the government to act as though you were "faith-blind." And in that, he is trying to defend the indefensible, trying to short-cut an All-Powerful Creator who deserves all praise and glory and honor.

I think it would be better to teach children in the admonition of the Scripture than it would be to lead them down a path like the one that the newest member of the Board of Education, Kevin Jennings wants them to to promote these very immoral lifestyles that Kevin Jennings supports would lead to demonic forces overtaking the families of the children who are in the public schools, leading them into further into a life that would end their precious lives short of the mark to a sexually transmitted disease. So, it's false pretense to assume that our government run institutions of learning are delivering a "decent" education to children, and a very phony concept of what education is truly about.

Well, all for now. I may come back tomorrow and add or change some things. In the meantime, perhaps you would like to pay RalphFan a visit and let him now how you feel about some of his commentary on the subject at hand. I'm sure he would be glad to hear some of the noise from liberals, but equally the concern of those who do not share his views. You can find him here

God bless, and thank you for reading!

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