Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mark Noonan For Senate

Long-time author and co-writer for Blogs For Victory, which was formerly Blogs for Bush: The White House of The Blogosphere, Mr. Mark Noonan alongside Matt Margolis Chief Founder and Editor of Blogs For Bush teamed up in 2003, who ... in a major way, helped in the effort to re-elect then President George W. Bush. Mr. Noonan seeks to influence and shape the political landscape through Conservative action. Mr. Noonan is running to replace the Senate seat of Senate majority leader Harry Reid.

Mr. Mark Noonan is a Catholic Conservative who believes in defending the lives of unborn children against the evils of abortion, and too, the ideals of Capitalism and it's freedom of enterprise and exchange of ideas within the marketplace. He would make a welcome change to the corrupt, communist sympathizing, freedom destroying Harry Reid.

Sites follow that you can go to in order to voice your support in Mark's endeavors to bring much and desperately needed change to our Nation and Nation's Capitol.

Noonan For Nevada

Dump Reid

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