Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Quick Thought On The Democrats "Healthcare" Plan

Some contention is being made by Democrats like Nancy Pelosi that in all past Congressional deliberations on "healthcare" reform they have been open with the public about their intentions. Have they? No, not true. Most or all of their meetings have been behind closed-doors. This will probably come as a shock to many, as many thought that they could trust Mr. Obama when he promised a "new age of transparency" in our government.

Make no mistake, friends, Obama has no intentions whatsoever to be transparent with anybody about his fascist like intentions. It's how they foist their fascism on the populace, the God-fearing, hard-working, taxpaying, patriotic citizenry. It's the road to a classless society that Karl Marx so adamantly advocated for, with freedom being only at the top, in Washington D.C.

Democrats say they are preparing to finish their "healthcare" reform bill, but not before bypassing conference committee, which is used to work out differences in forthcoming bills with such issues as abortion, tax proposals, and earmarks. Instead, liberals want to remain in control of these issues, as they feel they can't afford to allow healthy unborn babies to live. Sick, isn't it?

Well, they still can't go forward without the sixty votes necessary to cross Obama's desk, and it doesn't appear as if that's going to happen, as many on the Democrats side are jumping ship.

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