Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Schools agree to end Bible distribution (

LEBANON, TN - Public school officials in Wilson County, Tennessee, have agreed to stop distributing Bibles to students during the school day on school grounds. The settlement comes after the American Civil Liberties Union threatened to sue the district.

The ACLU said in a news release that a fifth-grade student was taken into the gym with her classmates and that the principal introduced the children to representatives of The Gideons International.

The release says the girl's teacher then called each row of students forward to receive a Bible and told them taking a Bible was not mandatory, but the girl took one because she feared being ostracized.

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Entirely unsurprising, considering the nature of the ACLU, which claims to be a bastion for "the liberties of all."

What needed to be explained to the girl, was that she didn't need to feel "left out," but that she needed God's Word when she felt down-and-out, as indeed, there are times when we feel like this. Not only do we need God during the dark and stressful periods of our lives, but we need Him through the good times, as well, as He is the reason for our blessing, while most of our rough periods are a result of our own doing by being persuaded to temptation. When we're not accepted by others, God is always there for us to comfort and protect us in the darkest of times.

What's strange is that this one little girl would be used as justification for the entire school to stop participating in a worthy program for the students.

It is my contention that the girl has never had the opportunity to hear about God's Word until now due to her parents who had their schooling in a college that taught them atheism, and they incorporated this into raising their children. Then the ACLU jumped right on it.

Again, no surprise, the ACLU is an atheist organization, doing what it does best, and that is destroy the freedoms of those of faith, and everything they can to eliminate God from every aspect of our institutions, especially where we need Him the most, in our institutions of education-where the future is made.

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