Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Is An Atheist?

Describe in your own words what you think a person who is an atheist is, then ... provide Scripture verses that describe for us what an atheist is.

Hint: One can be found in the book of 1 John.


  1. Not really interested in the Scripture part of it, Jeremiah, since I look upon it as a work of fiction; from my perspective it would be like citing a Harlequin romance to describe what a marriage should look like.

    I'm also not terribly interested in describing an atheist, because it seems to me that is a definition already pretty well defined: an individual who rejects the notion of a supreme being responsible for the whole of human existence. Be that supreme being Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, or someone else.

    What interests me more, here, is the question of where, precisely, you are trying to lead the conversation? Because this is what debate aficionados would clearly call a "leading question." You plainly want for the dialogue to go in a certain direction for which you have pre-prepped. Thus your "hint".

    Answer your own question. YOU tell us what you think an atheist is, and then what your Scripture tells you an atheist is. And then we'll get down with the dialogue, now that you're back from hibernation.

  2. If you are courting posts from those whom YOU would define as "atheist" - as in, not acknowledging YOUR god - then why would you want those people to cite passages from the scripture in which YOU believe, but THEY do not, in order to justify their viewpoints? That's a bit like citing Cliff's Notes to anchor your points of view on a book you've not even read.

    Tell you this, Jer. I'm not an atheist. But my viewpoint on the god/dess is miles apart from yours, and your citations of your "scripture" don't matter squat to me.

  3. No. I am not interested in the views of atheists. I've made that pretty clear through the commentary guidelines posting that I made a few months back. And yes, that would include yourself, seeing that you espouse that you are "not interested" in the Scripture aspect of it. Quite clearly, that makes you an unbeliever.

    So no, I don't care for you views. Your views are obsolete, insofar as they pertain to this posting.

  4. There's no need for you to describe whatever you think an atheist is, or to even contemplate what you think an atheist to be. It matters not in this instance.

    In more practical terms, an athiest, as far as it pertains to their day to day someone who has no hope apart from making a life-changing decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

    There are many different descriptions of what an atheist is in the Scriptures, but that would require a more adequate amount of time and space, which at this hour and time does not accommodate. So I will leave for others to discuss upon the matter more in detail.

  5. Jeremiah, You are missed in R&S.


  6. Hi Hope,
    Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts.

    I might drop in for a visit sometime. :)