Sunday, May 8, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Dead - Victory for Our Military

On the latest big headlines, Osama was confirmed to have been found, and killed by US Navy Seal Team 6 - Operation Neptune Spear.

My thoughts relating to this amazing discovery, and capture, though optimistic, have been hampered somewhat, due to the fact that the Obama administration is unwilling to release the all-important evidence that proves Bin Laden's execution. Mainly in the form of the photographic evidence.

There have been numerous fake photos posted to the web, all in an effort to quell the angst of those desiring to have the proof necessary to put to rest the claims made.

I am confident that Bin Laden was caught and executed in accordance with U.S. Law, though some have said that Obama's invasion of Libya and Pakistan are against Constitutional law, by not seeking the approval of Congress.

President Obama did well to continue President Bush's War on Terror, to finish the course. In that regard, I want to give credit where credit is due, in spite of the fact that President Obama is sorely misguided on many of the issues that ail us today, the economy and the moral issues facing our country. He takes more credit than what is actually due him, in order to make himself look good in the face of an angry and desperate electorate who are looking for answers to these tough times.

This major sting, if you will, was a Great Victory for our men and women in uniform, they deserve all the heaping praise that we can put upon them, for they sacrifice, and are putting their lives on the line when we are often forgetful of their sacrifice for us, and this country.

So, with that said, Congratulations, and Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for this magnificent victory, and all that you've done and are doing for the cause of our freedom! We owe it to you!

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  1. You were aware, Jer, weren't you, that Congress never sanctioned Bush's "War on Terror," right? Which is fairly ridiculous on its face. How can you wage war against a tactic?

    And you just can't give credit where credit is due, can you? Where someone pursued a good old-fashioned course of acting upon solid intelligence rather than ginned-up outrage. Wake up! Obama didn't "continue" what Bush started. He changed up the game and made an espionage/intelligence action what it should have been all along, rather than a misguided war in an unconnected country.

    And, if I were you, I would question my desperation for photographic evidence. You shouldn't be so bloodthirsty.

    That such a monster is gone from all our midst, yes, is good, and cause for sober reflection. That our military acted effectively and in safety is laudable.

    Turning the occasion either into a frat-boy celebration or into a "some have said" innuendo moment, however, is reprehensible. You should be ashamed of yourself for that.