Sunday, May 8, 2011

Islam On The Mexican/U.S. Border

Warning: Extremely Graphic content. Viewer's Discretion is Strongly Advised.

This is the mind of the enemy we have, folks. How many more actions like these will have to be displayed before people begin to wake up and see that we have an enemy who seeks to destroy our very way of life, who come in the name of a false god called "Allah," and under a false prophet by the name of "Muhammad."

Who in his right mind would call something like this good?

Only someone so possessed of Satan and his demons that they cannot see any longer, but are blinded by the darkness that has taken over their minds completely.

Whether it's a drug cartel leader, or an Islamic leader, there is not two cents worth of difference between the two in terms of mentality. They have control on their minds, and murder in their hearts to get to that control.

These beheadings as well as many others, are taking place just across our borders in the country/state of Mexico, joining the United States. Islamic terrorists are being smuggled in by the drug cartels that are infiltrating the United States by the Mexicans. Their aim is to infiltrate the so-called "moderate" Muslim communities in America to "radicalize" them.

Why the word "moderate" when we have the groups Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim terrorist sleeper cells all over this country, just waiting for the opportunity to become un-moderate and unleash attacks on the American people?

Friends, we need a serious heart change here in America, we need to get the word out and stop our young people from being blinded by these politically correct dogma espoused to them by their left-wing professors.

We need to turn back to the God of Creation, and just hope that He spares us from unleashing His wrath.

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  1. people there is a hole lot of stuff the news in not saying . wake up . i'm charlie in the box check me at youtube .....later....