Saturday, March 24, 2018

Are Guns The Problem?

Thousands of young people have gathered in groups all across America today to protest the ownership of firearms, but are guns really the problem? Well, I am a law-abiding gun-owner just like millions of other Americans across this great land, and I have never seen any of my guns move on their own, much less fire one their own. Guns don't have a mind, and guns don't have a soul. That's what I want to talk about... First, let me just say, I am glad to see millions of Americans taking advantage of their civil, constitutional right to speak, and make their voices heard. We are very blessed to live in a country where its Founders understood and guaranteed this right through the First Amendment of the Constitution. And, in order to safe-guard against the possibility of a constitutional crisis, in the event of tyrannical government, they gave us the second amendment of the Constitution to protect our First Amendment rights. Our Founders were very intelligent men, who knew what tyranny and freedom meant. So, those participating in today's "March for our Lives" march have every right and obligation to protest as they see fit, but I think it based on misguided principles, and plays into the hands of the communists aka liberals of America. Who would love nothing more than to disarm America. There is not a gun problem in America. Guns are used by evil people to create terror in the hearts of millions. But, we do not have a gun problem. So where is the problem? America has a spiritual problem! America's children have been given over to doctrines of devils, and deceiving spirits. God has been taken out of public education, and been replaced with Alfred Kinsey, Charles Darwin, and Margaret Sanger (Again: Doctrines of devils/deceiving spirits). The devil comes in many forms, and he cloaks his plans under the guise of many different, and appealing names and phrases. Calling "evil, good, and good, evil." Take God out, and it only gives Him incentive to send His divine judgment. Thanks for visiting Conservatives United!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Remembering Our Veterans

Hello friends, it's been a while since I posted last, a long time, actually. Well, today I received a request that I share a young man's story, and how he battled for his life...which inspired him to start a program to help struggling Veterans. We want to remember our Veterans today - Past, Present, and Future! We Thank You, Your Families, and we Honor Your Sacrifice so that we can be Free! You are the reminder that our freedom is not free! I direct you now to Healing America God bless! Hope all have a blessed Memorial Day!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Herman Cain's Campaign Destroyed

Well, my dear folks, it appears as if Herman Cain has suspended his campaign. Mr. Cain had a lot of promise, and was leading in the polls early on in his campaign, but as always, Democrats in their greed, desire for power and deceitful ways found someone they could pay to tell lies about him, and destroy his candidacy for the Presidency.
Not a whole lot unlike what they did to Sarah Palin during the time that she was chosen for Vice President by John McCain, and afterward while she was thinking about running for President. It's the Liberal Democrat way, folks, they don't know any other way to win than to belittle, lie, cheat, and steal from and to the American people to get their way. It should be against the rules to lie about someone's character and conduct. Allegations such as those leveled against Herman Cain should constitute a fine, and imprisonment for all those involved! But alas, we are in an age when this type of conduct is tolerated despite the damaging effect it is having on our country! All for now ... Your thoughts...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Obama No Friend of Israel

The following is an article written by Stan Escudero, and re-published in its entirety, here, with permission from NSBNews.Net

Last week Obama threw Israel under the panzer. This week, speaking before the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), he tried, and I believe he failed, to walk that cat back.

No friend of Israel would, as Obama has now done twice, call for preemptive capitulation from Israel before opening negotiations with the Palestinians.

No friend of Israel would gratuitously insult the Israeli Prime Minister immediately before meeting with him.

No friend of Israel would call into question America’s unrestricted commitment to Israel at a time when most of the Arab world is in a state of unpredictable flux and Israel’s negotiating partner has just allied itself with Israel’s principal terrorist enemy.

It is time for American Jewry to realize that Obama is not a reliable friend or a dependable global leader, a truth which the United Kingdom, Poland and NATO are coming to terms with.

If not checked, Obama’s domestic policies will destroy both the dollar and the American economy. His foreign policies will weaken the US-Israel relationship and put Israel at greater risk.

I hope that the Jewish citizens of the United States, who have contributed so much to our country, will turn away from this false friend and look to the Republican Party.

In the GOP, they will find devotion to Israel’s secure existence as a Jewish state and an unswerving commitment to reduce our national debt and restore America’s greatness.

In his recent second “outreach” speech to the Muslim world, President Obama repeated an earlier error. Once before, seeking to encourage negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians, he called for a prior Israeli concession – a freeze on settlements in the West Bank.

Such a freeze was among the goals which the Palestinians would have hoped to achieve from negotiations and, for precisely that reason, Israel cannot be asked to give away a major Palestinian objective before the negotiations begin.
Why then did Obama suggest it?

Last week Obama went even further. Using the language of UN Security Council Resolution 242 passed in the immediate wake of the 1967 war, Obama suggested that Israel should agree that the outcome of any peace settlement include a return to the 1967 borders minimally altered by certain “land swaps” to be agreed between the negotiating parties.

This ignores the multitudes of physical changes – so-called “facts on the ground” – which have taken place since 1967. It repeats the mistake he made with the settlement freeze. More importantly it conveniently overlooks the well-known fact that Israel’s 1967 frontiers are not and cannot be secure and defensible.

Return of the Golan Heights would leave much of northern Israel exposed to rocket and artillery fire, as it was when the Heights were last in Syrian hands.

A look at the ’67 borders shows that, at its narrowest point Israel is less than 10 miles wide. This would leave Ben Gurion airport and Israel all the way to the coastline within mortar range, no doubt causing Jewish visitors to the Western Wall to pray that their country does not fall apart at its hinges.

Return of the West Bank and much of Jerusalem would put important Jewish and Christian holy places in Islamic hands. Look up the degree of access to these sites enjoyed by non-Muslims before 1967 and imagine what would be the case in this day of heightened Islamic radicalism.

Obama supposedly made his speech to encourage resumption of peace negotiations between Israel and Fatah, representing the Palestinians. Yet he must know that there will be no serious negotiations at this time – perhaps none at all.

First, Fatah has recently allied itself with its former rival, the terrorist group Hamas.

The latter continues and amplifies its calls for the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of its Jewish population. Israel cannot and will not negotiate with any party which refuses even to accept Israel’s right to exist as a state.

Second, much of the Arab world is in a state of political flux, often violent, and no one is able to say exactly where this will lead. Obama is indiscriminately cheering this process as a struggle for democracy but of course this is ludicrous.

In the Islamic world the mob tends to be more radical and less realistic than its governments.

Take Egypt for example.

Since the Yom Kippur War and the subsequent signature of the Camp David Accords, Egypt’s military government has guaranteed Israel peace and stability on its western flank.

This removed the most dangerous of the Arab military threats to Israel and enabled the country to reduce its massive military expenditures and concentrate to a greater degree on the development of a prosperous civilian economy.

Following the recent revolution the Egyptian military is still in charge but its domestic position is weakened, the Muslim Brotherhood is growing stronger and the country is already shifting toward a stance more in line with the rest of the Arab world.

It was Egypt, after all, which helped broker the new alliance between Fatah and Hamas. Seeing this trend, the Israeli government will have to take measures to protect itself against a potentially more adversarial Egypt and these steps will be noticed and provoke an Arab response.

Israel cannot be expected to negotiate a peace settlement until it can know the nature and intent of the states which will surround it.

Finally, Obama made his speech and his controversial suggestion immediately before the arrival in Washington of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

In the world of diplomacy, that is not how these things are done.

Obama should have discussed his planned statement privately with the Israelis before making it public. Not only would this be courteous, particularly amongst close allies, but it would have given Netanyahu, who soon faces his own election campaign, time to prepare himself and his people before having to address this important issue before the international press.

Such a deliberate departure from accepted diplomatic practice could only have been a conscious slight.

Sad to say, this mistreatment of our closest ally in the Middle East, at a time when the policies of the Islamic states are increasingly influenced by the more radical among them, merely repeats Obama’s casual disregard for the concerns of other US allies.

He insulted our longstanding ally Great Britain by returning their gift of a bust of Winston Churchill, the greatest Englishman of the 20th century.

As a gift to the Queen, he gave copies of his speeches and CD’s which will not work in Europe.

The White House has a skilled professional protocol office which keeps detailed records of past gifts to foreign leaders and which would have suggested appropriate gifts in this case.

The slight had to have been deliberate.

On his upcoming visit to Europe, Obama will address the British Parliament from Westminster and doubtless use his private meetings to attempt to improve the relationship.
He dissed our closest friend in east/central Europe – Poland – by reneging on President Bush’s plan to build anti-missile launching sites to protect against missiles which might be developed by Iran.

Presumably this was done to assuage Russian concerns, even though the missiles planned for Poland would not have made even a tiny dent in Russia’s launch capacity. And he reached this decision over a year after Russia, via its invasion of Georgia and its efforts to become the dominant supplier of natural gas to Europe, had signaled its intent to resume its rivalry with the United States.

Poland has responded to this and to NATO’s poor performance in Libya by joining with the other east/central European nations of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary to create a military alliance called the Visegrad Four.

Obama will also visit Poland during his coming trip. His private reception may be less than wholly friendly.
Albeit reluctantly, he agreed to help NATO prevent Qaddafi’s forces from overrunning the Libyan rebels. But he refused to exercise American leadership, pulling back and leaving a hesitant and divided NATO with an obscure mission, demonstrating its incapacity to defeat even a third-rate opponent.

In the process he ordered the American military into a conflict involving no vital US national interests on the absurd ground of protecting human rights. In fact he contributed to an extended conflict in which thousands more will die while leaving our NATO allies twisting in the wind.

This unending repetition of basic mistakes in the conduct of foreign affairs, most recently including his disregard for Israel’s interests and his mistreatment of its Prime Minister, should offer good reason for America’s Jewish citizens to reconsider their support for Obama.

I am not Jewish and it is certainly not for me to advise the Jewish community on matters of policy. I say only that the Republican Party has long recognized that Jews have made more and greater contributions to the United States in virtually every field of endeavor than any other minority.

And the GOP recognizes that a strong secure Israel, enjoying the unquestioned support of the United States, is and must remain the foundation and bulwark of America’s position in the Middle East.

I ask that you contrast the support which Israel received from the previous Administration with what we see from the Obama Administration.

If you conclude, as I do, that Israel cannot trust Barack Obama, if you fear, as I do, that Obama’s policies have put the economy of the United States at risk of collapse, then please look to the Republican Party and consider support for their candidates in 2012."

I wholeheartedly concur with Mr. Escudero in his opinions regarding the matter of the current Presidency, and our only Allie in the Middle East, Israel. President Obama has thrown Israel under the bus, and shown more sympathy towards those who would seek to do us harm, rather than befriend us. All conflicting upon the lines pertaining to beliefs that differentiate from theirs ... they are, for the most part, enemies of the West, and our Christian beliefs and heritage. Although, we are declining fast from what our Founding Fathers built, laying in trust to the American people to continue building upon that foundation in which they left us. Mainly spiritually, as well as monetarily.

We are a nation in trouble, if we continue down the path that Barack Obama and his cohorts are leading us.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How Muslims Treat Little Children

I just wonder what a little 9 year old girl would do to deserve the treatment that she did at the hands of these tyrants who are filled with Satan. Undoubtedly, the little girl was a Christian, her and her parents...because that is how Muslims treat Christians...or anyone who renounces Islam, and are proclaimed by the Muslims to be the "Infidels".

With evidence like that, what more do we need to know about Islam, to know that it is not at all a "peaceful" religion?

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Intelligent Man

Obama could learn a lot from this man.

But, of course, Obama being the communist, anti-Semite that he is...could never concede that these people have a right to be a free people.

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Lies vs. Fact

I found this article quite interesting, and paraphrasing, it says ... Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan says Islam is a "religion of peace and tranquillity"...

Perhaps Mr. Zardari has not taken into account the many stacks, upon stacks, upon stacks of dead people, and mass graves of those whose deaths are directly attributable to the murderous activity and intent of Muslim terrorists.

It is doubtless that deaths tied to Muslim terrorism date all the way back to the time Ishmael, who is the forefather of our modern day Muslim terrorists, they were a warring tribe then, and continue to be a warring people to this day. And also doubtless, is the fact that the murders committed by these people were done on a daily basis from that time period until now. So the numbers must run into the millions...of people that have been murdered by Muslims.

Just to give you an example of this, we can go to a site that keeps a quite large data-base recorded to support these facts at this site - - on the site's main page, it shows that over the past two days that nearly three dozen people have been murdered in differing locations throughout the world.

As far as I can tell, this site started tracking murders by Muslims back to 2001. So that's just a tiny fraction of the numbers that go all the way back to the starting time of Muslim terrorism. So, between communism and Islam we can only estimate how many people have suffered to the hands of the dictator and terrorist-minded.

So, with that said, I hope you will think about these things, and spread the word, so that those who are spreading mis-information will be exposed, such as those like the President of Pakistan.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Muslim Terrorism in Egypt

From Washington Times, Muslims declare more Jihad on Christians, their churches and their communities in Egypt. 12 dead, and over 200 injured.

This all over a few Muslims who are converting to, and turning to the truth of Christianity.

It is no wonder, seeing how Islamists treat their women, and children as human shields in fighting, and as slaves.

Pray for these communities, their families and others in the Middle East as they struggle with the ever-present threat of Muslim terrorism of that region.

Islam On The Mexican/U.S. Border

Warning: Extremely Graphic content. Viewer's Discretion is Strongly Advised.

This is the mind of the enemy we have, folks. How many more actions like these will have to be displayed before people begin to wake up and see that we have an enemy who seeks to destroy our very way of life, who come in the name of a false god called "Allah," and under a false prophet by the name of "Muhammad."

Who in his right mind would call something like this good?

Only someone so possessed of Satan and his demons that they cannot see any longer, but are blinded by the darkness that has taken over their minds completely.

Whether it's a drug cartel leader, or an Islamic leader, there is not two cents worth of difference between the two in terms of mentality. They have control on their minds, and murder in their hearts to get to that control.

These beheadings as well as many others, are taking place just across our borders in the country/state of Mexico, joining the United States. Islamic terrorists are being smuggled in by the drug cartels that are infiltrating the United States by the Mexicans. Their aim is to infiltrate the so-called "moderate" Muslim communities in America to "radicalize" them.

Why the word "moderate" when we have the groups Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim terrorist sleeper cells all over this country, just waiting for the opportunity to become un-moderate and unleash attacks on the American people?

Friends, we need a serious heart change here in America, we need to get the word out and stop our young people from being blinded by these politically correct dogma espoused to them by their left-wing professors.

We need to turn back to the God of Creation, and just hope that He spares us from unleashing His wrath.

Osama Bin Laden Dead - Victory for Our Military

On the latest big headlines, Osama was confirmed to have been found, and killed by US Navy Seal Team 6 - Operation Neptune Spear.

My thoughts relating to this amazing discovery, and capture, though optimistic, have been hampered somewhat, due to the fact that the Obama administration is unwilling to release the all-important evidence that proves Bin Laden's execution. Mainly in the form of the photographic evidence.

There have been numerous fake photos posted to the web, all in an effort to quell the angst of those desiring to have the proof necessary to put to rest the claims made.

I am confident that Bin Laden was caught and executed in accordance with U.S. Law, though some have said that Obama's invasion of Libya and Pakistan are against Constitutional law, by not seeking the approval of Congress.

President Obama did well to continue President Bush's War on Terror, to finish the course. In that regard, I want to give credit where credit is due, in spite of the fact that President Obama is sorely misguided on many of the issues that ail us today, the economy and the moral issues facing our country. He takes more credit than what is actually due him, in order to make himself look good in the face of an angry and desperate electorate who are looking for answers to these tough times.

This major sting, if you will, was a Great Victory for our men and women in uniform, they deserve all the heaping praise that we can put upon them, for they sacrifice, and are putting their lives on the line when we are often forgetful of their sacrifice for us, and this country.

So, with that said, Congratulations, and Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for this magnificent victory, and all that you've done and are doing for the cause of our freedom! We owe it to you!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Is An Atheist?

Describe in your own words what you think a person who is an atheist is, then ... provide Scripture verses that describe for us what an atheist is.

Hint: One can be found in the book of 1 John.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Christine O'Donnell: Italian Incendiary

Previously, I noted that Christine O'Donnell engaged in feminist activities in the past, and refuses to renounce her previous actions. Now, we learn that she picked Christianity as her faith by Italian intricacies:

Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell says she tried "every other kind of religion," including witchcraft and Buddhism but became a Christian because of her love of Italian food.

"I would have become a Hare Krishna, but I didn't want to become a vegetarian," O'Donnell said in an interview with Bill Maher in 1999. "And that is honestly the reason why, because I'm Italian and I love meatballs."

The reason to become a Christian is because it is the One And Only Truth, not because the Bhagavad Gita prevents you from setting a cow on fire and proceeding to devour the charred remains. Professing a love for Italy is also suspicious; after all, the blood relative of Janet Napolitano, that Communist Giorgio Napolitano, currently presides as President of their depraved nation.

The depravity of the nation of Italy extends into the very roots of their cheesy and stringy culture, ranging from anti-Christian bigotry from strumpets such as Sabina Guzzanti* to harlotry and lasciviousness from their singers such as Anna Tatangelo. Their abandonment of supporting America in the War on Terror is also to be highly condemned. Despite Wikipedia's liberal bias, I must link to this article which shows that Italy was the primary supplier of WMDs for Saddam Hussein. Need I even mention Mussolini and his atheistic doings? (His former supporters, to this day, still claim that Mussolini's concentration camps were great places to be.) Need I even mention that it was an Italian government which executed Jesus Christ?

Clearly, Italy is not a model country, and not a model for "Christ"ine to convert to Christianity. Indeed, her love for the country which killed Jesus and several of His kinsmen is a not-so-subtle pretext for what she intends to do to Christianity if she is given a chance. A President Mike Pence should haul this Wiccan idolatress out into the stockades, and encourage the public to pelt her with hard meatballs. The meatballs will only be the first bits of fire and brimstone she will face.

*While I don't care about the Pope being insulted, I am offended at her insults; they are used in a context which mocks Christian teachings about Hellfire and sodomy, and should be refudiated by all good Christians.

UPDATE: [youtube=]

This statement is worthy of severe punishment.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Atheists put billboard on Billy Graham Parkway (OneNewsNow.Com)

CHARLOTTE, NC - A statewide coalition of atheists and agnostics has placed billboards in six North Carolina cities, including one along the Billy Graham Parkway in Charlotte.

That sign, according to The Charlotte Observer, pictures an American flag and the words "One Nation Indivisible" -- omitting the words "Under God," which were added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954.

Read the full story...Atheists put billboard on Billy Graham Parkway OneNewsNow.Com - Your Source For News Right Now

Of course, if a Christian group were to erect a cross beside one of the billboards, the atheists would demand that it be removed.

I don't know about you, but I thank God for our country and the godly, Christian men and women who founded it. Man had, and has no say in the founding of our nation. It was entirely a process directed by God Himself.

John Adams said...

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

And that meant that our Founding Fathers who created the document were a God-fearing people, and that the people must likewise be God-fearing people to keep voting God-fearing people into office.

So, I'm not about to change to suit the wishes of unbelievers to try and force me to think otherwise. They are more than welcome to change their way of thinking, and it would better for them if they did change to the Truth.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Should The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy of Our United States Military Be Overturned, Or Left Alone?

Going to have a little question, answer session here, today...

Okay, my answer is, it should be left alone. Either that, or overturn the law, and disallow homosexuals from serving in the military at all.


Quite simply, to maintain the integrity of our men and women in uniform, because that's what our Military is all about, and in order to maintain their integrity, they need to be held accountable to a high standard. Perversion is about as low as you can go, and therefore, should not be specially protected.

Your thoughts on this issue are welcomed.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Al Qaeda: Auto parts dealer pleads guilty to aiding Al Qaeda -

Read the full story...Al Qaeda: Auto parts dealer pleads guilty to aiding Al Qaeda -

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In a politically correct environment, it's a wonder that all our corporations aren't run by terrorists. However, that is the path that Obama wishes to lead America down. Through his communistic vision for America and through Islamic groups which he is working hand-in-hand with. This is what he meant whenever he talked about "fundamentally transforming America," or "CHANGE."

I could say that I didn't think America needed changing...well, that would be true, say 55 years ago.

America changed 47 years ago whenever they changed our public school system into an atheist-based system of education, and that was the worst thing that could have happened for America. Why? Because communism is a result of atheism! Did you know that? Yeah! That is how the ACLU, along with the American Atheist's Association planned to change America to an atheistic nation, and we are a comprised of mostly atheists in this nation...oh, many will say they are "Christians" but they live like atheists everyday - taking pride in money, their homes, their cars, just everyday materialistic things above or before God.

Glenn Beck had a good show on yesterday (May 18) where he talked about how the secular forces of our government are merging with, or working in conjunction with the church in many aspects to bring about a takeover of churches all across America with his guests Dr. Peter A. Lillback and Jerry Falwell's son. Dr. Lillback wrote the book 'Sacred Fire,' I haven't read it yet, but intend to purchase a copy.

This merging, however, of many churches with the secular society is a dangerous move...of course, this has been evident for many years now in the way that many churches don't preach truth, standing for abortion and homosexuality, taking from the rich and giving to the poor, etc.

Mr. Beck talked about this with his guests yesterday, and like Dr. Lillback said, "Where in the Constitution are the words social justice? can't find them, because they're not in the Constitution." And I would also add abortion to that - where in the Constitution can you find the word's not in there. As a matter of fact, Roe v. Wade violates the fourteenth Amendment, and contained within its wording are these words - No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property.

With innocent persons the wording of the fourteenth amendment is unconditional, and no law whether created by the Supreme Court or our representatives can supersede it.

But just like people in the heading of this story who are permitted to have entry into our country who are terrorists, we also can see in the abortion issue, that political correctness mingled with Supreme Court decisions is a toxic and very dangerous mix.

Thankfully this person who was aiding our enemies has been caught and apprehended. Hopefully he will go to prison and stay there.