Saturday, October 11, 2008

Liberal Media Skipping The Main Question In Presidential Debates...

...And what might that be? Abortion.

If you don't know already, the mainstream media is highly biased toward liberalism, which... in turn, favors the killing of innocent unborn children - Barack Obama is their main man! Who is, of all past Presidential candidates combined, the most fanatic, pro-abortion candidate that has ever been presented to the American people in history.

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  1. From fox news :

    Important issues

    Next, voters were asked what the most important issues of this years election were. 44 percent of likely voters said economic issues such as jobs and economic growth were the most important, followed by 19 percent who said domestic issues like social security and health care, and 15 percent who said national security issues like the war on terror.

    Even fewer voters felt fiscal issues such as taxes and government spending and cultural issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion were the most important.


    The issue you believe is important is, well, not important. Do not go crying that you are persecuted because everybody does not bend over backwards to accomodate you. Stop whining.

  2. Do not go crying that you are persecuted because everybody does not bend over backwards to accomodate you.

    It is not I that I wish to be accomodated, it is the Lord of hosts above. If their actions do not register with Him, then it is they whom commit the sin of abortion that I worry about.

    Such a pitiful dilemma.

  3. Do not go hiding behind your imaginary friend. Everybody can clam to be god's only prophet. Until you heal an emputee onf national TV, you are exactly as credible as god's prophet as I am, even inf I say God wants everybody to dress like a clown for a day.

    YOU wish to change the subject of the debate that is going on in the US to bring a subject that virtually no-one cares about. YOU want that because your camp is getting its collective ass kicked on the issues that actually matter. Invoking your god is the debate equivalent of saying your big brother will beat me up after school if I do not give my lunch money to you. Unfortunately, you are an only child.

  4. Jeremiah, hon, you're laboring under a delusion. On the one hand you claim your God is all-powerful and all-knowing and all-everything...and on the other hand you are quivering with paranoid fear that an elected official will enact a piece of legislation that you are convinced will be displeasing to your Deity.

    Fess up, pal. If your God is as omnipotent as you like to claim, then everything is unfolding as He pleases and you have nothing to do about it but to sing endless hosannas and pray night and day. Yet you seem to think that God's success is dependent on your sad little largely-uncommented-upon blog, and that you are somehow a fulcrum upon which the Divine Balance depends.

    Wake UP, Jeremiah. PRIDE is a sin for those who believe as you do, I understand, and it is a fault you appear to have in spades.

    Your efforts are insignificant. To those of us with our eyes open, who could care less about your moronic rants; and to your God, who doesn't - by your own admission - need your help.