Saturday, May 9, 2009

Obama Chooses to Ignore America's Roots

May 7, 2009 was our National Day of Prayer, and every President since its inception by commencement of our Founding Fathers, have observed the special day. However, Barack Obama chose not to acknowledge publicly the day in which we pay homage to our Creator, imploring His blessings on our Nation.

This will only add fuel to the fire of atheism already weakening our Nation's image in the world, but most importantly, before Almighty God who has sustained our Nation through immense hardships, and given us protection from the many enemies we face.

It also poses questions as to Mr. Obama's true faith, is he really a "Christian," as he says he is? Well, I will tell you straight up front, that my opinion of his faith is that - No, he is not a Christian. Obama has denied the faith in not only choosing not to participate in the National Day of Prayer, but he stands for murdering unborn children (abortion), and he is an activist for the perverse lifestyles of homosexuals ... and he not only stand for them, but he appoints people to office who stand for, and will legislate those things. And even though Mr. Obama says he is a "Christian," he makes another mistake by ignoring his duty to witness, and further putting his faith in question.

Barack Obama's image seems to be more in line with either an Atheist, or a Muslim. He makes himself appear an Agnostic by his decisions, but moreso an Atheist, than anything.

In ending, a little history for Mr. Obama ...

Civil Governments in all ages have consecrated special days to prayer and the public worship of God. This national custom has a Divine origin and sanction, and was designed, and is eminnently adapted, to give religious culture to the national heart and conscience and to exert a beneficent influence on the civil and religious interests of a people. The Hebrew commonwealth had three great annual religious festivals, besides days of special prayer and worship, occasioned by national exigencies and the judgments and marked interventions of God.

In America we all have the freedom to worship, and hold whatever faith that we have ... but that is only possible because of our Christian nature, which brings that freedom.

So, it can be said, when we lose Christianity's influence, we will no longer be America, which stands for the freedom that Christianity brought to Her shores!

Mr. Obama could learn a lesson or two from that!

God bless!

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  1. From

    - - - -


    Office of the Press Secretary
    For Immediate Release May 7, 2009

    - - - - - - -

    Throughout our Nation's history, Americans have come together in moments of great challenge and uncertainty to humble themselves in prayer. In 1775, as the Continental Congress began the task of forging a new Nation, colonists were asked to observe a day of quiet humiliation and prayer. Almost a century later, as the flames of the Civil War burned from north to south, President Lincoln and the Congress once again asked the American people to pray as the fate of their Nation hung in the balance.

    It is in that spirit of unity and reflection that we once again designate the first Thursday in May as the National Day of Prayer. Let us remember those who came before us, and let us each give thanks for the courage and compassion shown by so many in this country and around the world.

    On this day of unity and prayer, let us also honor the service and sacrifice of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. We celebrate their commitment to uphold our highest ideals, and we recognize that it is because of them that we continue to live in a Nation where people of all faiths can worship or not worship according to the dictates of their conscience.

    Let us also use this day to come together in a moment of peace and goodwill. Our world grows smaller by the day, and our varied beliefs can bring us together to feed the hungry and comfort the afflicted; to make peace where there is strife; and to lift up those who have fallen on hard times. As we observe this day of prayer, we remember the one law that binds all great religions together: the Golden Rule, and its call to love one another; to understand one another; and to treat with dignity and respect those with whom we share a brief moment on this Earth.

    The Congress, by Public Law 100-307, as amended, has called on the President to issue each year a proclamation designating the first Thursday in May as a "National Day of Prayer."

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim May 7, 2009, as a National Day of Prayer. I call upon Americans to pray in thanksgiving for our freedoms and blessings and to ask for God's continued guidance, grace, and protection for this land that we love.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this seventh day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand nine, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-third.


    - - - -

    So, a Presidential Proclamation isn't a "public acknowledgement" now? Fancy that.

  2. So, a Presidential Proclamation isn't a "public acknowledgement" now?


    While it's great the Mr. Obama chose to sign the proclamation on the National Day of Prayer, he did not acknowledge it as all past Presidents have. By not signing it publicly, and by not observing the day with prayer before the people, he alters the day.

    This signifies to millions of Christians that Mr. Obama's faith is in question, making him appear moreso Atheist or Muslim. After-all, in a former speech, Mr. Obama said, "If the political winds should shift, I will side with the Muslims."

    So, not only does Mr. Obama favor the Muslims, he uses America's National Day of Prayer for his own political purposes.

    And that's a shame.

  3. Oh, come ON. It was only during the Bush years that this National Day Of Prayer thing turned into some kind of blatant public extravaganza to pander to the religious right which you favor.

    This year it seems to be all about Dobson kvetching that his particular flavor of Christianity might not be kowtowed to.

    What exactly is your opposition to private faith, Jeremiah? You know, the kind of faith that prays in your closet in secret and all...?